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> TimeSync is a replacement for your computer’s automatic system clock
> (time/date synchronization with the Internet).
> TimeSync consists of three applications:
> 1. Your Windows time is set to sync with the Internet time.
> 2. You can drag-drop files and folders from or to a temporary folder, and TimeSync will automatically back-up the time and dates from your files and folders.
> 3. When you reboot, TimeSync will set your system to the date and time of the next scheduled time sync. You can then set your system time manually, or you can leave your system time as it is.
> TimeSync is designed to work with Windows XP to bring back the time and dates of system files and applications. To set TimeSync, go to: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Date and Time and then click on the “Set time automatically” button. Choose “Show Time Zone Clock” and click on the “Clock Time Adjustment” button.
> Make the box “Adjust for Daylight Savings Time” and “Reset to local time on the next sync” and “Time Sync Date/Time Settings” to “Automatic”.
> Click the “Apply” button to finish.
> NOTE: Before using Windows/TimeSync, you may have to set the system time manually once to allow Windows to sync to your network. This will allow Windows to synchronize and access the Internet. If your system is set to “Auto-set” then Windows will attempt to synchronize every 30 minutes. If TimeSync is not running, then every 30 minutes, Windows will set your system time.
> NOTE: After TimeSync has set the time, you will have to set your Windows time manually to synchronize it to the correct time. (This is like having Summer Time and having it backwards. Your time becomes wrong. Now your clock is set to the right time but it is past the right time.)
> NOTE: The Date and Time settings of the TimeSync software do NOT affect
> the date/time of the files/folders that are processed by this program.
> This is because the TimeSync software is a replacement for your system
> clock and applies to the SYSTEM time. If your system is set to to a
> different date/time from the Internet, the TimeSync application will
> not read the correct date/time of your files/folders, instead it

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Download TimeSync, put it where you want, and run TimeSync. The program will start and ask for your current password.
You might also want to have TimeSync start automatically when you logon.

Windows XP

Open the Control Panel, select the event log, and in the right pane, double click the Log On tab. Select the Enabled box, enter your password, and click the OK button.
Now you can select the Start automatic logon option.


Windows 7
Open the Start Menu, select Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and then select Power Options. From there, you can set whether or not your computer is set to sleep, or hibernate, when you press the power button.


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The TimeSync tool is a Windows based software tool for automatic time synchronization, automatically synchronizes between your local machine and a network of time servers and uses SNTP protocol to update the system clock.

Use cases:

This is a tool you use for file backups.
You can set the backup windows based on the time.
You can have backups scheduled for different timestamped files (like doing backups for your critical work when you’re on holiday)
… and many other scenarios

It does not replicate any files.
If you need to sync the time on server and on client use this one.
You can use TimeSync with third party applications that also work with SNTP protocol, like the FileSharing comparison software.
Its free version is limited to backups of up to two folder depth, full version is limited to 20 folder depth.

Current client projects:

Some years ago, I made a batch file that I run from my Scheduled Tasks that makes a time-synchronized backup of all files for a given year from a selected folder. It also differentiates between file types if you select a filtype, and uses the provided script I wrote to set the system time on the backup machine to the local time. Since these backup jobs all get scheduled by me through the Task Scheduler and some of them take several hours to complete, I needed a way to send a message to the backup file server telling it what date and time to use for the backup to make sure it was time-synchronized. To that end, I made a program called “TimeSync”. It is a simple Time synchronization utility that uses the SNTP protocol to update the system clock of a given folder or computer, so that the local time matches the time on the time server. The actual time synchronization is done by the batch file the tasks runs, but the TimeSync program is used to give it a date/time to use for that portion of the job.

What it is not:

This program is not designed for file replication, it just tells the backup software to synchronize with the time server as soon as the backup finishes. If you need to copy the files you’ve backed up on different computers, the software you’re using for the backup jobs needs to be a file synchronization utility. Copying files is done by the backup program. Your computer should always have the latest files, and if the backup program is working properly

What’s New in the?

This program automates the manual (manual=manually set time) process of setting a time.
Installs and reads the time from SNTP time servers and saves your settings in the registry.
Calculates the offset that can be used to force local time ahead or behind of the time server.
Determines if the system is in daylight savings time.
If daylight savings time is not in effect, sets the system time, then automatically adjusts the system time to match that of the time servers.
Each time the clock is manually changed, TimeSync automatically updates the time.
If the system time is manually set to a future time (wall clock time > time from the time servers), the program also sets the time in the registry to that future value.
We highly recommend that you get your time servers correct. There is a possibility that with incorrect settings TimeSync may cause the system time to change to the incorrect time.
TimeSync helps prevent this because the program checks the time servers and “fixes” the system time and/or time zone before updating the registry.
Installing TimeSync:

Download and install with /SERVICE command line switch. Not installing will cause the time to be set to the default. TimeSync will not install without the /SERVICE switch.
Run TimeSync by double clicking the TimeSync.exe icon.
The program will exit.
Start Windows normally.
Click Start, right click My Computer, and then click Properties.
Click the “Hardware” tab.
Click “Adjust the system time”
Click “User time”
Click “OK”.

Any comments and/or feedback is welcomed.

C:\> time

11:53:24.61 The system time is: Thu Nov 2 08:10:03 UTC 2014

C:\> time /SERVICE

Wed Nov 1 08:10:03 UTC 2014

C:\> time /SERVICE

Thu Nov 2 08:10:03 UTC 2014

Remove TimeSync:

Run TimeSync by double clicking the TimeSync.exe icon.

C:\> time /SERVICE /uninstall


Windows Update:
Windows XP, Vista, and 7:
Open the Windows Control Panel. Click System and Security.Click Windows Update.
In the left pane, click Check for updates.
NOTE: If you are using a router and you want to sync Time


System Requirements For TimeSync:

Mac: OS X 10.6 or later, 2GB RAM, 64MB video RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent.
PC: Windows XP SP3 or later, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 4000 or equivalent.
Linux: Intel CPU (x86), 2GB RAM, GeForce GTX 250 or equivalent.
Nintendo DS (ARM)
Nintendo DS: ARM 3G 3DS