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■ It is a small mail server designed specifically to provide a small business email solution with all the advantages of standard mail server solutions including: multiple mailboxes per user, mail collection over a single internet connection, full routing, remote mail delivery and unlimited users.
■ Its popularity and professional look are provided by its native “Office Mail” theme.
■ Multiple mailbox per user.
■ Great user interface allowing admins to easily manage users and their mailboxes.
■ Delivers mail to everyone on the network via a single internet connection.
■ Mail collection is automatic so that mail can be left for the next user to collect.
■ Regular mail checking – no more manual Send/Receive.
■ Downloaded mail is stored on the server which also means that the mail will be available even if the LAN internet connection fails.
■ You can also use the mail collection to publish articles via RSS/RSSi or IMAP.
■ Users can now leave mail for each other.
■ Mail delivery is automatic and therefore there are no more manual Send/Receive
■ Mails sent via IMAP are delivered to the Internet, by RSS they are delivered to the Local Area Network, by RSSi they are delivered to a specific recipient and by manually sent they are delivered to a specific recipient.
■ Advanced Spam detection for all types of mail including P2P Files
■ You can use Office Mail as a POP or IMAP server and so be able to check your email through any web browser
■ Simple and powerful webmail with support for redirecting one POP mail box to another
■ Newsgroup support to forward new groups and to subscribe to new groups
■ Addin system to monitor external mail servers and deliver local mail to local email clients
■ Downloadable templates – allows users to customize the look and feel of their email box
■ Local folder support – user can move their locally stored mail to a specified folder
■ Works with any web browser without requiring a program to be run to login to the box (ie: IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc)
■ User can opt to have mail deliveries answered by someone in the organization instead of a default reply for the domain or user.
■ Linking to an internal web site with or without a password

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– Supports Outlook, Pegasus, Outlook Express, Opera, Thunderbird, Firefox, Internet Explorer
– Features:
– Collects mail from all mail clients
– Delivers mail to all external email addresses
– Delivers mail to internet email accounts
– Delivers mail to external email addresses using the same connection as your internal email
– Provides complete internal/external email integration via a single connection
– Has the ability to reject email from specific or wildcard sources
– Uses an entirely separate memory, so that you can remove Outlook from the box without removing the Office Mail Collection Agent and having the email fall apart
– Uses Burrotech’s anti-spam technology to support both senders with email hosts that are not compliant and senders that are
– Uses a server-side rule called a “blacklist” to determine if emails are invalid. This can easily be configured with the Burrotech Anti-spam documentation
– Provides the ability to set up a “catch-all” user account
– Uses a unique system called “Routing” to allow mail to be delivered instantly to the appropriate user
– Uses multiple antivirus scanning, filtering and categorising software
– Uses separate storage from local email folders to prevent overflow if you delete an email
– Uses a custom, user-friendly, task-bar tray to allow you to easily access your email, even when your system is locked
– Supports dynamic DNS support, so that multiple domains (including ones for POP3 and IMAP, a website, etc) can be used and easily changed
– You can easily add domains like,,, etc without having to change the IP address of Office Mail, which is shared among all email accounts
– Allows you to place a “wall” in front of Office Mail to filter out certain emails before they are seen, giving you full control over what you receive in your email
– Includes a fully functional webmail system, allowing you to check your email remotely, even though Office Mail is running on your local machine
– Addin system allows third party addins, which can be used for customizing your email with custom emoticons, sound files, different footers, etc
– Includes Burrotech’s Acceptable Message List file with over 60,000 addresses of known legitimate senders
– You can use a standard, predefined, or custom “blacklist” to reject email based on its sender, subject, recipient, etc
– An

What’s New In Office Mail?

Office Mail is a small email server software application with integrated webmail and client access to email for use in small/medium businesses, homes, schools and colleges.
Unlike current mail server programs, Office Mail is software that collects email from a single internet connection and then delivers to the appropriate user depending on who the email was addressed to (allowing the use of a domain “catchall” account). Users can then collect their email through the Local Area Network even if they don’t have an internet connection.
Office Mail provides everyone on a LAN spam- and virus-free email – both to everyone else on the LAN and to the outside world.
Install Office Mail on one PC (it doesn’t even have to be a dedicated PC) and everyone on the network can use it to send and receive emails from their PCs.
Here are some key features of “Office Mail”:
■ Office Mail is a one-stop email solution that ensures an efficient email solution for small/medium businesses, homes, schools and colleges. The email solution is based on a mailbox system. You will have a mailbox account, which contains the email addresses of everyone in your organization.
■ Everyone in your organization can receive email from one mailbox account on Office Mail. Users can then collect their email from the Local Area Network using Office Mail.
■ Office Mail provides everyone in your organization with internal email so that users can email each other instantly. Users can also receive internal mail from anywhere in the world using the webmail.
■ Office Mail provides you with the ability to send emails from the webmail system and Microsoft Office Outlook.
■ It provides users with auto-responding.
■ It delivers everyone’s email to the outside world using the same internet connection.
■ Office Mail provides you with a simple telephone interface that allows you to setup and configure the program easily.
■ Office Mail provides you with an effective business solution for small/medium businesses, homes, schools and colleges.
■ You can make changes to the program at any time.
■ Office Mail supports all web browsers and mail clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Opera etc).
■ Automatic updates for Office Mail.
■ An alias system allows users to register a single email address on multiple POPs so you don’t need to have multiple email addresses for different users.
■ No Limits, all users will receive email!

System Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later
1GB Ram
2GHz or faster CPU
DirectX 9.0c-compatible hardware with Shader Model 2
DirectX Audio Accelerated – Vista only
DirectX 9.0c – 2GB of RAM
There are some limitations based on operating system and the hardware. Also, check your hardware requirements and graphics card specifications.Bladder urothelial carcinoma (BUC) represents the most common malignancy of