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Released on: 2015-07-05

Supporting files

Released on: 2014-05-28

To prevent a tabbed website from inducing a browser to close when using FFmpeg to load HTML content, when the FFmpeg API can be used, the tabs have been disabled.
In addition, this enables tabs to be configured.

Released on: 2014-05-28

Initial release


Released on: 2014-05-24

Added support for the Firefox extension,


Released on: 2014-05-23

Initial release.


Released on: 2014-05-22

Initial release.


Released on: 2014-05-22

Changed the shell script to be on bash instead of tcsh.


Released on: 2014-05-22

Improved the mplayer file path, added examples and released version 1.7.1.


Released on: 2013-12-26

Added the!C command.


Released on: 2013-12-26

Added an example script.


Released on: 2013-12-17

Added a document titled ‘Notes’ for additional explanation on general aspects of the program and a detailed description of the new options for the configuration profile.


Released on: 2013-10-18

The option to turn off the website signature checking was removed.


Released on: 2013-10-18

Fixed a bug in the option that included a website when the option to not include the website was also selected.


Released on: 2013-10-18

Added setting to turn off the website signature checking.


Released on: 2013-10-16

Added option to check the website for the correct ascii character set

Norconex HTTP Collector Full Version Free

This application is designed to help I.T. Professionals work smarter.
With the application one can set two targets and then perform multiple tasks on a single database.
Depending on what database and the search engine one has, one can work with the images, tables, documents and PDFs, and parse them into information through their respective fields or filenames.
This utility can be employed to crawl Canonical URLs, the set of well-known pages that lead to the same source.
Images can be processed to have the images’ URLs extracted, as it can be extremely useful to monitor changes over time.
This is also advantageous because the images are associated with the tables, which makes it possible to find the link in the same table at the same URL.
A limited set of languages, English, Japanese and Korean, is supported, with more languages in development.
Other features include the ability to view all the devices in a computer system and extract data from custom databases to create customized reports.
One can also save the system information of each connection and search engine to a remote server for easy access.
The application is portable and it can be employed to search various databases and items on the Internet.
Features of the application include:
» Easily extract data from Canonical URLs
» Crawl Canonical URLs
» Extract and extract data from websites in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean
» Create a multiple target spider
» Share and search information extracted from a single database simultaneously
» Extract data from multimedia files
» Free to use
» Portable
» Configurable output and target formats
» Detailed file list and file size information display
» Real-time list of Canonical URLs
» Configurable URL pattern
» Record all URLs crawled in the spider
» Real-time URL connection information
» Detect mixed tables
» Merge Canonical URLs
» Convert file into a canonical URL
» Get table names from URL
» Get file names from URL
» Extract the filename of image
» Show the media type of file
» Detect the device name
» Show information in a single box
» Preview files before download
» Extract the URL from table
» Display network connection information
» Display browser information
» Extract details from the header
» Extract HTTP header and transfer data
» Extract Flash object (SWF) header and transfer data
» Extract form data
» Detect Canonical URL meta tags
» HTML Content of image
» Extract the URL of

Norconex HTTP Collector Full Version 2022 [New]

Norconex HTTP Collector is a perfect tool for quickly crawling and analysing sites that contain a large number of hyperlinks.
If you have a large group of keywords to search for, then Norconex HTTP Collector is a great tool for extracting these keywords and grouping them into structured data.
Norconex HTTP Collector has so much to offer that it can fit into the following basic categories:
Search Engine Crawlers
Web Scrapers
WAP Scanners
Web Archive Analyzers
Web Page Analyzers
XML/HTML Analyzers

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What’s New In Norconex HTTP Collector?

The program supports a variety of video formats, once information has been extracted from them.
Based on a command-line interface, this software can be employed to process the entire information contained within videos.
The various tools for layout analysis, photography, computer vision, image processing and data mining are geared towards analyzing video frames.
Here, image processing techniques are employed for the analysis of images, including image colour recognition.
Through image recognition, the tool can extract relevant data such as the brands of products, names of individuals or furniture and so forth.
For purposes of analysis, collections of images can be used. For this, for example, a rectangular section of the image can be extracted.
A library is provided that is comprised of sets of specific frames. This allows the developer to select and extract various elements that can be used to create a set with images containing these elements.
A common problem that arises when dealing with videos is that of the stutter effect.
Through the use of the library, this can be overcome with ease.
Support is offered for the popular MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 format.
It can also extract metadata information, such as title, genre and so forth.
Four different tools are used to carry out the processing of the images contained within the video, including tools for layout analysis, image recognition, recognition of objects and removal of noise.
Other features include: information extraction, still frames, pre-designed functions and metrics, video streaming, status reports and the use of cookies.
Norconex Video Converter Full Version Free Download
Finally, the results obtained in the course of the application can also be manipulated using PostgreSQL, provided that the software makes use of the AiiDA database.
It is a modular system that allows developers to easily alter the functions that it contains. This particular attribute has been employed by the developer to ensure that it meets the demands of users.
Data mining is performed based on the Standard Query Language and many algorithms are available, including Decision Trees, Sequences, Bayesian networks and many more.
It is an open-source application that is available for the various versions of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. One can also use the program to perform facial analysis and search for an object of interest.
The software is highly customizable and contains multiple settings, including the option to connect to databases and stream video files.
Download Norconex Video Converter Full Version Free
Norconex Video Converter is offered for the three popular platforms:

System Requirements For Norconex HTTP Collector:

Amazon Fire TV
Select Amazon Fire TV models
Android Version 5.0 (Lollipop)
Amazon Video app Version 6.0 or newer
● A power source is required.
● A device with Internet access is required.
● For Ethernet connectivity, a Wi-Fi connection is required.
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