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Curl IDE’s aim is to help You get started easily while creating a complete application.
Curl IDE gives you professional and advanced features, giving You the power to create GUI and RIA applications.
Curl IDEs features:
* User friendly
Curl IDE is really easy to use, with many features such as Auto completion and code generation.
* Object oriented
Curl’s IDE supports classes, primitives, collections, inheritance, and polymorphism.
* Fast generation of GUI and RIA
Curl IDE allows You to generate fully functional code easily.
* Create services on demand, or add a service location to a new project.
* Quickly create and design business or presentation based on CLIPS
* Save and recall files
* Improve Your style
Curl IDE allows You to add styles such as borders, indents, and text in a variety of formats.
* Use a Clipboard
* Copy patterns from a web site
* Import patterns from another project
* Select patterns from a menu
* Create a workflow to automate common tasks such as undo/redo, and manual input.
* Configure patterns
Curl IDE provides You with a wide selection of options like :
* Project : for All Your CURLS project
* Project location : for Your CURLS project
* Used patterns : for Your CURLS project
* Sub-projects : for Your CURLS project
* Urls location : for a specific page(or a specific folder)
* Files location : for a specific file
* Font : for specific font format
* Text Color : for specific color format
* UI Alignment
* Title Color
* Border Color
* Title font
* Font size

Curl IDE includes code snippets and several business use cases with visual examples and code examples.

If you have any questions or need help, just go to the [Curl IDE users group](
and ask there.

Here’s some examples of what’s included with Curl IDE:

Also, you can use Curl IDE in other applications such as [CURL CLIPS](

Curl IDE also provides you with a [guide](

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Curl IDE Screenshot:


Wow! Thanks for this question, I thought I was pretty clever to have thought of this one. I couldn’t find anything online after a lot of searching, so I’m posting this here instead as it will hopefully help people out.

The CURL (an acronym for Create User Interface eXtreme) package provides an IDE for creating user interfaces. The idea behind Curl is to provide a tool that allows you to design, create and modify user interfaces quickly without having to code. The fact that the tools are based on Java and HTML5 makes them suitable for both web and desktop applications.
Although there are plenty of other good free IDEs (e.g. Allegro, FLGTK) and IDEs for commercial use (e.g. Tango, General), the focus of Curl is to provide a very simple and easy-to-use GUI builder.

To get started, simply download the latest version of the package from the web site and install it – it’s a Java package that installs to the default directory (i.e. where you’d expect it). Then, open it.
Opening Curl from the command line is pretty straightforward. Simply type “java -jar CURLDI.jar” – you’ll then get a window where you can enter the URL of a web site to view. From there, you can start off by creating a new interface, either by selecting File->New, or selecting New from the main menu.
From then on, you will be able to create and edit interfaces in many different ways.
The most common features are:

Adding controls – simply drag and drop
Property sheets
Context menus
Formatting controls

You can create any number of controls – as many as you want – and then add them to a new interface. Selecting an item in the control list will allow you to edit it – e.g. delete it, change its text, change its size, etc.
As for property sheets, these are pretty much exactly what the name suggests – they allow you to view and edit the properties of a given control. To edit a property sheet, simply double-click on a property title (i.e. the name in the list), and it will open up its property dialog box. From there, you can easily view and edit all of its properties.
The Controls Manager allows you to see all

Curl IDE Product Key

Curl IDE is the only tool that allows users to quickly create and generate interesting styles for both desktop and RIA applications.
Also, it allows users to generate/modify/modify the visual appearance of applications with Drag & Drop.
The application is currently implemented for the following browsers:
Internet Explorer – 11, 10, 9, 8, 7
Google Chrome – 22, 21, 20
Mozilla Firefox – 17, 16, 15
Safari – 5.1.7
Opera – 10.0 – 12.0
All others
The application is not intended to be used in any way other than supported functionality.


Regenerate the exact file from the attached offline version, if you choose to download, as it will be updated with the latest version of Curl IDE.


Use, copy, modify.
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What’s New In?

* Displays the output in a treeview
* Easy and efficient to use
* Raster images and icons easily drag&drop to work or record
* Easy to add new nodes
* Textfields for hyperlinks, URL, text, and…
* Easy to use unix-style file operations
* Interactive Network Explorer
* Multithreaded and fully multi-threaded
* Flexible project configuration
* Clear documentation
* Template for graphical user interface
* Supports internet explorer
* Remote debugging ( with remote machine, Internet Explorer, FireFox,…)
* RIA (compatibility with Mozilla RIA)

Curl IDE Features:
* Unique-style control
* Treeview
* Textfield
* File Operations
* Drag&Drop
* Link
* Multi/Threading
* Network Explorer
* Remote Debugger (including Internet explorer, FireFox,…)
* Node
* Text
* Color
* Arrange
* Basic Editor
* Full Browser


PS: This is not a commercial product, it is designed for non-commercial use (Learn more about this on this link
If you need commercial support, please visit our commercial support at
Note: If you want to use it in commercial environments, you need to purchase a license.

I understand. Anyway, here is some free stuff that is free for download. Curl Ruby is a utility that will help you execute applications by executing a script that wraps the application. A sample would be the following.
execute(‘/path/to/iexplore’, ”)

Curl Ruby will create a wrapper script that executes the application with the arguments wrapped by the application. The script will run the application and redirect the

System Requirements For Curl IDE:

1. Be sure to have a minimum 1GB RAM and at least 100MB free space.
2. Must have at least 4GB disk space (for install and data backup)
You will need to have administrative access to your windows PC to install the program.
3. Must have a sound card (not recommended with headphones, but works with external speakers)
4. I prefer using Windows 7, Vista or Windows 8 if you want to run Wintune. The program will work on Windows XP, but I have not tested it.