AddrView [Updated-2022]

AddrView is a tiny and portable piece of software that parses HTML pages and extracts URL addresses found there. It only needs you to specify a base link.
Advantages of portability
Since installation is not required, you can put the app files in any part of the hard disk and just click the EXE to run the app.
An alternative is to save AddrView to an external storage device, to be able to run it from any computer without installing anything beforehand.
What's worth taking into account is that the tool does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving the disk clean after removal.
Simple and straightforward interface
The program's GUI is made from a standard frame with a neatly organized structure. It is not necessarily attractive but easy to work with.
All you have to do is type or paste a URL, and AddrView will take care of the rest. Scanning the website in question might take a while, depending on the content size.
View and save information
Shown information contains the caption and type for each identified address. You can save selected items to the Clipboard or export all details to TXT, XML, HTM or HTML format.
Furthermore, you can use a search function when dealing with a long list of information, hide duplicate items, as well as show grid lines.
The app includes a help file for inexperienced users, has a good response time, and consumes a light amount of CPU and RAM, so it does not hog system resources. We have not come across any problems in our tests, as AddrView did not hang, crash or display errors.
Taking everything into account, AddrView provides a simple means of viewing webpage information for a given URL. Unfortunately, it does not feature advanced options.







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The program looks for a link on a web page.

It parses the information you enter and displays it to you.

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1.Extract the downloaded EXE (AddrView Crack For Windows.exe) file
2.Copy the downloaded file to where you installed your main EXE.
3.Run the file.
(Windows XP or higher is required. Send bug reports to the author’s email address if you experience any problems.)

This software has been tested thoroughly. All files are scanned before posting to ensure that viruses are not present.
Credits: Program was developed by VLK Net Team | AddrView Torrent Download was written by kamil

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AddrView [Updated-2022]

View the links in a given Web page easily. Find the right link in a long list. Find the link-address you are looking for in a list of search results.
AddrView Features:
• Display all link-addresses of a page
• Find the link-address you are looking for in a list of search results
• Find link-addresses saved on your hard disk
• Show and hide information about each link
• Save the link-addresses to XML, TXT, HTM, or HTML format
• Connect to the Internet and extract the list of link-addresses
• Command-Line mode (batch mode)
• The app does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving the disk clean after removal
• Text has a limited size, so this app is not for very long pages.
• Useful for finding Internet links within your own home pages
• No installation required
• Standard frame with a neatly organized structure
• Only one version is available for download
• View and save information
• Help file available
• Light on CPU and RAM. We have not come across any problems in our tests
AddrView Screenshots:



Thanks for the idea. It was always difficult for me to find the link in the longer HTML pages. And now I am glad that a tool like AddrView is in the app catalog.

How can I indicate some web link in a certain time? I want to specify or define the URL address to be displayed by AddrView. The situation is like this: I have two web sites, A and B, and a web server. Let’s say, I’m on web site A and A displays a certain page while web site B displays another. But the display order of the two sites is not fixed. (Maybe web site B displays an error page.) In this case, I want to save the URL address of “A” to a text file and use AddrView to parse the data. The problem is that there may be a URL address of web site “A” but the data may be different. I want to ignore the data that is not the same as the URL “A”. Thanks.

Do you have a clear example of URL addresses and data that is different from a URL address? Is it possible to parse a text file that contains data and ignore the lines that are not in the URL address?

Thanks for

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Added addresses are highlighted and saved to the Clipboard or export to TXT, XML, HTML or CSV.
Forgot Addresses is a powerful address book that tracks down every address that your network uses. It finds out where a host name points, it prompts for verification and it can be easily shared to other computers.
The Addresses in the list can be sorted by different criteria, e.g. a count of recent visits or by a Last Visit Date.
The dates are also shown as pie charts and by the number of visits.
Additionally, it can be saved and reopened from a file. After this, you can scan a list of addresses or add new ones to the database.
Every found address is highlighted and a link to the web page on the Internet is provided in the context menu. This way you can get to the destination without having to copy the entire address.
In case an unknown web page is found, an alternative link is provided.
It can also extract addresses from a text document.
Additional features:
Saves the addresses in a database. All settings can be changed via a configuration file.
Includes a context menu with the following commands: add new, open a link, open or scan a list of addresses.
An Address bar is integrated to view the address directly in your browser.
External links can be added to an Address or scan the Internet for addresses that have never been visited yet.
Additional features:
In case you find two or more addresses belonging to the same host name, it can be highlighted.
The directory path can be automatically placed after the host name.
Search can be enabled.
Addresses can be quickly and efficiently sorted, e.g. by the Last Visit Date.
The date of the last visit is shown in a pie chart.
Addresses can be quickly and easily searched through an Address Bar.
Saves Addresses in a Database.
You can delete a duplicate record by clicking on the cross icon.
An Address Bar is integrated to view the address directly in your browser.
External links can be added to an Address or scan the Internet for addresses that have never been visited yet.
Sort Addresses by a Last Visit Date.
The date of the last visit is shown as pie chart.
An Addresses List can be created from an HTML Page or from a Text File.
Additional features:
Handles URLs with parameters.
Finds URLs to images

What’s New in the?

AddrView is a simple, light, small and portable tool that is incredibly easy to use. This tool allows you to view an entire webpage and get as much information as you need about each page address. This version of AddrView supports Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. It is a download to your computer.
Key AddrView features:
* Simple and straightforward interface.
* Simple operation and fully automated scan of HTML pages.
* Convenient controls to customize your environment.
* Speed is a key factor and it is a tiny tool that consumes less than 1 MB of memory and less than 10% of CPU while it is running.
* No separate application suite is required to run the AddrView.exe file (ie – the program is portable).
* Strong algorithms ensure fast scan of HTML pages (like images, style sheets, JavaScript).
* Option to save selected items to the Clipboard or export all information to TXT, XML, HTM or HTML format.
* Search function for long lists of information.
* AddrView’s help file contains up to date information on how to use the program.
* AddrView is released under the GNU GPL license.
Download AddrView 7.00 CR

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