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PDF Stacks PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

*** PDF Stacks is an excellent app to create, organize, and store your PDF documents and files across the whole device. Discover the most efficient way to manage your PDF files in one place – PDF Stacks! ***
Quick Guide
*** PDF Stacks is a document management app. What does that mean? … ► Find, organize and share all your PDF files with a single click
*** A must-have app for your iPad or iPhone
*** Create, organize and store your PDF files across the whole device
*** Browse, preview, edit and share your PDF files
Download PDF Stacks and start exploring all your PDF’s:
*** Get started creating PDF Stacks – organize, find and search your PDF files
*** Browse, preview and search your PDF documents in an iTunes-like manner
Key Features:
– Create a new group or save an existing group
– Add files directly to a PDF group or from the Dropbox/iCloud directory
– Search the new group for files or groups of files
– Create folders for a group of documents
– Assign a name to the new folder
– Create folder hierarchy
— FIND —
– Find files by name, content, file size, date modified, date created
– Search by name, content or file size
– Tap and hold the PDF file and click “Go to File”
– Search the file name or contents
– Comment on any PDF
– Add notes and comments
– Find more information on any PDF
– Create new notes and PDF annotations
— FIND —
– Find files by name, content, file size, date modified, date created
– Search by name, content or file size
– Tap and hold the PDF file and click “Go to File”
– Search the file name or contents
PDF Stacks Review:
This app has proven to be very useful for my organization needs, especially with having to maintain a lot of PDF files. It allows me to do everything from create, organize and share my PDF files in a simple manner. With this app, I can even create, organize and share PDF files from either my computer (with the Dropbox software

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✔ Organize your research and files into a collection of PDFs. Each PDF is kept in its own group with its own thumbnail, name and details.
✔ Preview and annotate PDFs. Search and find files using barcodes, search titles, metadata, date created, file size or keywords and more.
✔ Save time: instantly save PDFs to your Macbook, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Access the files from anywhere.
✔ Play on your Mac, iPhone or iPad and share them with your friends and family.
✔ If you find a PDF that has been scanned, you can then use the PDF Stacks scanner to convert that PDF for better searchability.
PDF Stacks Guidelines:
✔ Please READ, like and follow the guidelines below.
✔ You can change the name of a group if needed.
✔ To add, remove or rename a PDF, simply double-click the file and then use the plus/minus buttons to create or remove a group.
✔ You can drag the PDFs to create a list or group them by Date, Size or Filename.
✔ To see details of a group, double-click it.
✔ If you want to add a pdf file to the scanner, you can double-click it and drag it to the scanner.
✔ Send us a message if you have any issues or questions about the app.
Download NOW for free and start using PDF Stacks today.

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PDF Stacks Activation Free Download

• Sort PDF files into intelligent groups.
• Create smart folders based on popular tags, keywords, authors and titles.
• Bulk-search and preview thousands of articles in seconds.
• Download PDF Files to your device and have them automatically organized into PDF stacks.
• Save the PDF stacks as annotated versions if you want.
• Synchronize your library to the cloud.
• Easily and quickly upload your PDF stacks into your library.
• The PDF stacks can be exported as HTML, EPUB, MOBI and Text files.
• Sync the PDF stacks to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac.
• Sync the PDF stacks to cloud services like Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive.
• Sync the PDF stacks to various cloud applications.
• Sync the PDF stacks to your web browser via e-mail.
• Edit PDF documents offline.
• View PDF documents as standard PDF files.
• Full support for translations.
• Easily search documents in all languages.
• One-tap access to your PDF files.
• This app requires iOS 8 or newer. It is optimized for iPad and iPhone.

Using the QR code feature, you can collect file contents from the web. Just scan a QR code from this app, and import it to the app.

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*** Please read the description, screenshots and How-to-use-video carefully ***

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What’s New in the PDF Stacks?

– Search all your PDF files and research articles at once using the built-in search bar
– Elegant interface to browse, explore and manage your library of PDF’s
– Create custom folders to group or organize your PDF files
– Annotate PDF’s or sign documents with PDF Stacks’ built-in OCR
– Easily find and compare file formats, number formats, or PDF versions
– Edit and replace pages with a single click
– Import PDF files to PDF Stacks via AirDrop
– Toggle between single page and multi page PDF files
– Open files directly in your PDF Stacks library
– Sync using iTunes Match
– Save PDF files to PDF Stacks
– Search PDF files within PDF Stacks
– Access to additional features for registered users
* You can also read our PDF Stacks review (
– How to install PDF Stacks:
1)Download the free PDF Stacks application from their website (
2)Install the app on your computer
3)Open the app and login to your account
4)Search for any PDF files or documents
5)Import files to your PDF library via Wi-Fi or USB
6)Add additional PDF documents to your library via Wi-Fi or USB

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System Requirements:

Additional Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
2.0 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
256 MB hard drive space
Graphics: 3D graphics hardware such as the latest version of DirectX, GMA, or the latest version of the hardware drivers
Operating System:Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Minimum Requirements: