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Drive Icons Changer is the best icon changer for your Windows. This icon changer tool will replace the standard Icons and folder of the specific drive with updated icons. Different folders and files will be removed from the hard disk drive as soon as Drive Icons Changer is launched.
Drive Icons Changer can reset your removable drive files as well as all your USB storage device data. Drive Icons Changer provides the best desktop area icon changer to replace your unused and unused drive icons, folder or files with another Icons in few seconds. The best part is Drive Icons Changer is absolutely FREE!
Drive Icons Changer have three different categories for different type of hard drive. With “Folders”, “Drives” and “Hard disk/Removable disk”. There is a two column option to browse your favorite icons.
Thanks to offer a lot of added features to ease your search for a great application. Drive Icons Changer create a “Hot link” when you click the icon. The new icon will be loaded in a new folder.
1. Folders
2. Drives
3. Hard Disk/Removable disk
How to use this app:
1. Make sure you have enough space on your hard disk.
2. Open the application.
3. On the left hand side, choose the icon you want to change.
4. Now you can choose either the folder icon or drive icon you want to exchange.
5. Click on the “Find” button.
6. The icon will then be found and you can place it anywhere on your desktop.
7. You can now drag the new folder icon on your desktop.
8. You can close the icon changer now.
If you are looking for an icon changer that has more functions, then Drive Icon Changer Activation Code is what you are looking for.

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Drive Icon Changer Crack For Windows is a small and easy-to-use software program, useful for changing the icons displayed on the desktop.
As the program’s name implies, you can easily change the images displayed on the desktop.
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Drive Icon Changer is a free and easy-to-use batch icon changer. The tool allows you to change the icons in all your desktop shortcut files.
In order to use the program, you need to select the shortcut file. Then you have to set the specific icon you want to change to, via a simple drop-down list. Afterwards, you can change the displayed icon by clicking on the button.
Moreover, Drive Icon Changer allows you to run the operation automatically or to schedule it for later date and time.
Is this icon you can click the download button and get Drive Icon Changer.
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What’s New In Drive Icon Changer?

Drive Icon Changer is a handy little piece of software that allows you to change the icons on the desktop to the ones of any selected folder.
Installation process
Drive Icon Changer does not come bundled with any required installation utilities, so you are expected to download and install the advanced tool yourself. Nevertheless, we have to mention that the process is relatively simple and only requires you to launch the installer on a system running Windows XP SP3 or later.
The program is not complex to use. After you select the source folder, a small preview window opens for an image selection. If you want to change the icon on the Desktop or a Windows desktop shortcut, you can just click the folder icon and select the ‘Change Icon’ button.
Another useful setting is the option to automatically launch the program upon startup, just by selecting the check box. We haven’t come across any issues in our tests.
After the restoration is complete, you’ll be able to change the desktop icons for other folders as well as for shortcuts on your desktop.
Drive Icon Changer is not heavy on the system resources, so it doesn’t prevent any other applications from running properly. You are not expected to deal with any of the folder icons’ transparency or other fancy settings.
With the help of Drive Icon Changer, you can change the desktop icons to the ones of any selected folder easily and fast.
Key features
Fully customizable – the tool offers a lot of settings and options. You can change the desktop icons directly to the ones of any selected folder as well as set up the other options.
No registration required – Drive Icon Changer doesn’t require any registration, meaning you don’t have to pay for or provide any personal information to run it.
Auto-launch option – You can select the check box to automatically launch the program upon startup.
Configurable – you can change the size and even the color of the background image.
Unattended installation – no registration is required.
Easy to use – easy to use both on Windows XP as well as on Windows 7.
No special skills are needed to use the software.
Drive Icon Changer lacks a couple of features that probably wouldn’t have been of any advantage for end-users, but you don’t really have to use them.
The program’s interface offers a wide variety of settings and options to customize it to your liking, making it a user-friendly and convenient utility that will meet

System Requirements:

Power: ~1.2 W idle Power Usage: ~1.7 W
Memory Usage: ~900 M
Geekbench CPU Score: ~2359 / 5229
Geekbench GPU Score: ~853 / 5231
Geekbench 3D Score: ~853 / 5231
3DMark Cloud Gate: ~3800 / 4078
3DMark 11 2.2 Unlimited Graphics: ~1330 / 1764
3DMark 11 CPU: ~2245 /