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How space-time works
How the program works:
List of features:
Let us now examine the main window of the program. To start with, it shows the details of the first object (object A), which was set as the central object. It displays a lot of relevant data, including its mass, velocity and the topology of the universe it occupies. The radius of the object, which was set to 1 by default, is given in meters and is presented as 0.05 a number that is more than the actual value. This means that the object is, apparently, smaller than it actually is, and that it is a three-dimensional object.
The second object in the system, object B, is set to be the target of observation. It will be displayed in the same manner, with the exception of its mass. This, however, is insignificant because any object will have essentially the same mass – as per the theory.
The program also displays a certain number of calculations, such as the volume and surface area of the central object as well as the distance between the two objects.
Time Dilation is now ready for use. Simply click on “calculate” and provide the required data and launch the application.
Time Dilation problems:
In the case of galaxies, there is a real danger of significant problems. If there is a galaxy and the observer is located within it (in reference to the time dilation theory), then it is possible for their “orbit” to collide with another galaxy. As a result of the time dilation effect and the orbital velocity, it is possible for the radius of a galaxy to expand outwards to infinity in a small amount of time. This collision, of course, will result in the destruction of the galaxy and the destruction of the universe. A more detailed description is given on the project’s homepage. It is for this reason that users are advised to be careful when dealing with other galaxies.
The program offers very useful information for everyone who wants to understand the time dilation theory. On the other hand, it also entails the aforementioned problems, which are difficult to avoid. As such, it may not be appropriate for the majority of people.
The program, however, has the potential to be a valuable scientific tool for many, provided that all the problems are solved. If the scientists of the future will want to use it, it is necessary to ensure that other users have not interfered with the

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Here is a time dilation application that can be used to calculate the time difference between two 1D points. It uses user-defined points from a text file and a video of the data as input. It does not need to be installed before use. After launching, you will be presented with the main window. The main window will be divided into 2 sections. The left-hand column is used for dragging the times into the app. The right-hand column is used for displaying the time dilation.
You can choose to only drag one of the points or both. This will be done by selecting the input type from the drop-down list.
Input data:
Single point:
• The first line will define the number of data points you wish to take. The second line will define a list of time data in the form of “Time x”. The third line will define a list of frequency data in the form of “Frequency x”.
• The next line will define the default data for user input. The next few lines will define a list of time data in the form of “Time x”. The last few lines will define a list of frequency data in the form of “Frequency x”.
Multiple points:
• The first line will define the number of data points you wish to take. The second line will define a list of time data in the form of “Time x, x1, x2… xn”. The third line will define a list of frequency data in the form of “Frequency x, x1, x2… xn”. The next line will define the default data for user input. The next few lines will define a list of time data in the form of “Time x, x1, x2… xn”. The last few lines will define a list of frequency data in the form of “Frequency x, x1, x2… xn”.
Before launching, users will need to define the needed data. The drop-down list will be used to select the type of input.
The time difference calculation method used in this application is based on the laws of physics. However, this is not the only time dilation calculation method

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The distance in each of the six dimensions is equal to the distance in the other two dimensions multiplied by the ratio of the three related dimensions.
This means that as the universe expands, time dilates as well. As the time interval to travel from A to B increases, a given amount of time in reality elapses faster than the observed time.
This is entirely dependent on the observer’s position and can take the form of either an increase or decrease in the time of a clock. The total increase or decrease in time equals the difference in distance from the start point to the end point multiplied by the ratio of the three related dimensions.
You can check the interactive demo by going to
Log4r is a cross-platform logging framework for C++. It allows easy logging of messages, as well as modifying the log message format. It works as a singleton, loading a single configuration file on application start. It uses low-level [C++]( features for its functionality and offers fast logging for simplicity of use.
Log4r creates logfiles in subdirectories of the home directory. As each logfile takes up one directory level, you can control where the log files are created.
You can choose between Full, Config, and Console configuration modes.
In Full mode, Log4r will throw exceptions when it does not find a message key in a logfile. You can write custom, user-defined log messages. In Config mode, when an unhandled exception is thrown, the program will call a predefined function to display a dialog window.
In Console mode, when an unhandled exception is thrown, the program will write the exception message to std::cout and exit.
The Log4r home page is at
Latest version: Log4r 0.9.8 is available at
Follow us on Twitter at on YouTube at on Google+ at and on Facebook at

What’s New In Time Dilation?

• Time in the curved dimension: a value of “0” shows that A and B are simultaneous. • Time in the linear dimension: a value of “0” indicates that A has passed B. • Time dilation: this shows the time that would have passed in the standard model.

This tool can be downloaded from the author’s homepage. You can find various files, including the source code that can be compiled to produce the executable application. It can be used on Windows XP or higher.

NOTE: You do not need to download or install any application from our website. All files you need to download are included in the file(s) you will get by downloading Time Dilation.

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