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Designed not only for experienced users, but also for rookies, Standard Shapes Effect is an extension specifically designed for, which facilitates a simple means of drawing stars and polygons as well as controlling settings.
How to set up and access
In order to get it up and running in no time, it's only necessary to copy the downloaded DLL file to the “Effects” folder of, fire up o relaunch the tool if it's already running, as well as access the “Polygon / Star” extension, which can be found in the “Render” submenu of the “Effects” menu. This also works if you have the portable edition of the image editor stored on a custom directory on the disk or on a removable storage unit.
Define the shape and properties
A polygon with five vertices is displayed by default during the preview in Standard Shapes Effect. You can turn it into a star and adjust the rotation angle, set the shape size, decrease the number of vertices to create a triangle or square, increase it until generating a circle, change the brush width, as well as enable anti-aliasing mode.
Thanks to the fact that you can preview modifications, you don't have to apply settings just to be able to check the outcome and undo the action or remove the newly created layer if you're not pleased with the results.
Evaluation and conclusion
The plugin hasn't been updated for a long time. On the other hand, we haven't experienced any compatibility issues with the latest version of in our evaluation. It was smoothly integrated and didn't cause the photo processor to hang, crash or indicate errors. Shapes were quickly rendered during preview and after applying effects.
In conclusion, Standard Shapes Effect provides you with a straightforward solution for creating geometrical 2D shapes and customizing their properties.







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Best of all, they generate no extrusions, making the picture more realistic.
This is a light Photoshop action to create custom wooden frames for images.
You can change frame dimensions, rotation angle, image size, border/background, shape, style, shadow and saturation.
A layer mask can be used to create a “separate back” and “separate front” option.
Light Photoshop action to create custom wooden frames for images:

Easily add the desired border color, size, angle and other settings to a picture or PDF file (if the menu option “Draw” is already activated). It’s worth it.
When used in combination with a PDF printing application (like the popular Adobe Acrobat), this Light Photoshop action can create the desired border around a file without actually saving the document as a PDF file.
This Photoshop action provides you with several “settings” settings that can also be applied to several pages of a PDF file.
Adding the desired border color, angle, size and other settings to a picture:

Amazingly, blending instead of fading works perfectly.
But you’ll have to live with the blue bottom part of the shape.
With the minimum settings this Photoshop action can generate a perfect, random, permanent black and white copy of a picture or PDF file.
The background is also perfectly isolated from the picture.
Creating a perfect permanent black and white copy of a picture or PDF file:

You have a perfect, random, permanent black and white copy of the target picture or PDF file.
The target image was duplicated and then distorted randomly in several steps.
As a result, the picture gets a perfect black and white copy that remains perfectly isolated from the background.
The background is perfectly isolated from the picture.
Perfect, random, permanent black and white copy of a picture or PDF file:

The tool facilitates the creation of new images for use in Photoshop.
The player adjusts a vertical position (from the

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Standard Shapes Effect [Mac/Win] (Final 2022)

New Features:

Starts as a polygon and can be modified into a star

Rotation angle

Brush width

Number of vertices

Anti-aliasing mode

Points in preview


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What’s New In?

This plugin is designed to create various shapes with simple settings
The Star works well for graphics and backgrounds
It makes it easier to print properly rounded images or create wallpapers
The Polygon works for icons and buttons
It’s easy to use and doesn’t require additional plugins
Can be used for icons, graphics, graphics, and backgrounds
Optional conversion to PNG, JPG, and GIF formats
It is easy to customize
Can be used to improve the appearance of graphics and create unique designs

Platform: Windows
Language: English

Premium Price: $14.99

Standard Price: $0.79

Type: Tools

Standard Shapes Effect

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System Requirements:

*Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 with minimum System Requirements.
* Minimum 1 GHz Dual Core CPU.
*1 GB RAM recommended.
*1024×768 resolution minimum display resolution.
*300 MB free space on hard disk.
*Latest Java JRE/JDK(Java Development Kit) installed.
*Internet Explorer 11 or later with JavaScript enabled.
*You can play Standalone version of this game with any browser.
Platform Compatibility:
*Emulators: Thisسیاست/