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A lightweight tool that enables you to grab both public and private videos from YouTube. Enjoy uploading and downloading free movies on YouTube through YTDown!

It is important to point out that the downloader is a professional tool that can only function when you are connected to the Internet.

With the new faster and more stable Windows 8 operating system, YouTube has been updating the site in order to provide you with better experience. The update has been completed as of last week, so you can access your favourite video website using the new interface. The new YouTube is here to stay and YouTube Chrome for Mac is worth downloading to get the fast streaming service on your system.

What is new in version 8.2.7 of YouTube Chrome for Mac?

The update enables you to watch YouTube videos in HD quality, thanks to the support of HTML5. The app is able to download videos easily, you can read our downloader reviews to get more information.

Overview of version 8.2.7 for YouTube Chrome

The new version of YouTube for Mac enables you to watch videos from different categories. Other than that, the app has been enhanced in order to provide a smoother browsing experience. The update contains a bug fix for Chrome 43 on Mac OS.

YoutubeChrome shows videos in order

The new YouTube version is here to stay, so you do not have to worry about the updates and the security. However, it is important to update your downloader, because in case you do not, it is possible for a hacker or malware to impersonate the website to get your login information.

You have a lot of reason to use this tool, because you have a password that will allow you to login and that will enable you to access your favourite videos on the streaming service.

Instead of putting all the URLs in one long line, the update has been organized in a well-thought and organized manner. As a result, you will be able to easily switch to any of the subsites and you will also be able to download and set all of the subdirectories to your desktop.

Moreover, the enhanced protocol allows the app to work even when you have a bad connection.

The new version comes with bug fixes and improvements that have been developed specifically for the Mac OS, thanks to the great support from Apple.


The update is smooth, so you will not face any problems during the download process.

In order

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Watch your favorite clips from YouTube in full HD resolution without installing any plugins! YTDown Activation Code is free to use, lightweight and requires very little resources.
Install YTDown for a free YouTube Downloader, social sharing tool and video hosting. Download your favorite clips (public and private videos) from YouTube and save them on your PC. Simply install our software on your Windows and it will help you to download clips from YouTube, in a free and safe manner. YTDown will automatically create a folder on your PC where you can save your videos. You can also share your videos via Twitter or Facebook, support the creators and upload your own videos with the app. Simply copy and paste the link you want to grab and download the clip. The app is very easy to use and it is fast!
Main Features:
– Full HD video downloader. No limits.
– Create your own video playlists.
– Support for high-resolution videos.
– Facebook and Twitter support.
– Support for playback on Windows Media Player.
– Support for YouTube in HD and SD format.
– Social sharing support for Facebook and Twitter.
– Scheduled downloads.
– Create your own account.
– Set the download folder.
– Support for most popular web browsers.
– Full Youtube history.
– Option to download only videos (all formats).
– Option to download only audio.
– Works with popular YouTube to MP3 Converters like YouTube to MP3 Downloader.
– Fast downloads with full support for all most popular web browsers.

YTDYouTube Video Downloader free download for Windows

1.67 MB

What’s new

[Beta] New “delete completed” option.

[New] Support for both HD and SD resolutions in the downloader.

The mobile app has been redesigned and improved.

YTDYouTube Video Downloader is a free software program that allows you to download YouTube videos to your computer. The application is the perfect tool if you are streaming on a mobile device and want to listen to your favorite clips later on your computer. In addition to that, it has a few other features like uploading your own videos and sharing those on social networks.

YTDYouTube Video Downloader review

YTDYouTube Video Downloader is a free application that can help you download videos from YouTube. The application enables you to grab both public and private clips and downloads them in the desired format (MP3). YTDYouTube Video

YTDown Free

YTDown is a free video downloader that helps you download your favorite videos from YouTube in an instant and without prior registration.
It enables you to download the public videos and private videos of the YouTube user and the public videos and private videos of the YouTube user’s favorite user.
After registration, you can download videos through your web browser with the direct URL of YouTube. Download videos through the downloader from the internal video downloader interface.
Download videos in the favorites of the user through the internal video downloader interface. YouTube account login registration and verification is not required. Please select the download method and the directory below. It helps you to download the favorite videos of the user.
This program is completely free, without any hidden charges.
Supported video formats:
YouTube Video
Original Size
Download Size
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How to Download YouTube Videos without Account:
1. In a browser, launch you will need a Youtube website.
2. Enter the URL of the video you need on the search bar.
3. After getting the list of videos, use the arrows to scroll down.
4. Download those videos on the phone.
5. Enjoy it.
6. For Downloading the videos from the search bar, you do not have to log in. It is a free tool.

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What’s New In YTDown?

YTDown is the perfect tool for grabbing Youtubechannels. The application enables you to download videos stored on your Youtubechannels account. Also, the app allows you to login your Youtubechannel account with using Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts. One-click downloading and automatically saves videos to folder. Copy a Youtubechannel URL and paste into the app. Download a YouTube video in any Youtubechannel format.

YTDown Overview

YTDown Screenshots



YTDown Ratings

I like this app

this app sucks. It doesnt give you any error messages. it just doesnt work. i wouldnt recomend this


This app was not helpful

YTDown Review


YTDown Review –
YTDown is a lightweight tool that will let you download videos from YouTube, and maybe more. The app can be very useful for those who want to grab videos from channels that have videos sharing made private, where it is not convenient to grab them in a more normal way. YTDown provides a clean and easy-to-use interface, and the feature to save the video to a folder.
The setup is straightforward, as you are offered to give your account security details. You can use the app with two different methods: either by logging on your YouTube account, or by using the YTDown Web account. The second option doesn’t require you to have an account, which is rather convenient, but is also comes with a limitation: if you have a website you need to be able to download videos from, then you need to have an account.
YTDown Features:
• Download Videos from any Website. YTDown doesn’t limit you only to videos from YouTube. It also lets you download videos from any website that saves its videos in certain formats. When you download a video with YTDown, the video files are saved in an external storage folder.
• Access YouTube from Different Platforms: You can access any YouTube video without having to go to the website directly. YTDown lets you access the service from mobile phones, computers, and even TVs. To accomplish this, the tool uses a Wi-Fi connection.
• Download Videos from Private Channels. By using YTDown, you can download videos from any channel that is marked as

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.0GHz processor
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 1GB RAM or more.
Storage: Available space: 40GB free hard drive space
Hard Drive: Windows OS compatible hard drive
Additional Notes: For driver installation, DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 1GB RAM or more. For driver installation, please download the driver package via our website. For DirectX 9