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It may sound like a lot to take on, but it’s not. And you don’t need to overthink every interaction, either. This guide will teach you how to talk to anyone about anything, without even letting them have a clue that you don’t know what you’re talking about.


1. Be Yourself

You can’t fake confidence. Just by opening your mouth and talking, you’re already showing your potential romantic partners that you are confident. The trick is to be yourself while also being confident. Confident, but not cocky. This means you can actually strike up a conversation with anyone, without them being able to tell you’re nervous.

You needn’t turn up the volume on your personality. This is important because, as you talk, your subconscious will try to fill in the blanks you’re leaving behind. Overthinking and worrying about what a potential date might think is a sure-fire way to turn off a potential future partner. Just be yourself.

2. Do Your Homework

We’re not talking about putting in more effort into finding someone—we’re talking about gathering information. Everyone has different wants and preferences, so go into a date with a basic idea of what you’re looking for. Ask yourself these questions, and remember to keep the information specific to make it easier to answer.

Do you like brunettes?

Do you like beer?

Do you enjoy the beach?

3. Be Funny

Okay, so, the picture above is a bit misleading. Do you really want to watch a comedian face-plant in front of you? Of course not. I’m just trying to show you that you don’t have to be the most confident person in the world—but you still can’t act like a jerk. Be funny. If you’re feeling awkward about your dating abilities, find ways to crack a smile and put your date at ease. Do a few impressions and pick a few that resonate with them.

Good topics for impressions include (but are not limited to) famous people, current events, situations or topics of the day, or generally something your date would feel comfortable talking about. In other words, if you’re talking about something you’re thinking your date is interested in, that’s perfect.

4. Have a Drink

Drinking can make you more comfortable opening your mind, even if it’s only a little bit. You might also get drunk enough to forget about
Here are some things that can help you get laid.

1) Learn about pickup

Modern pickup requires a little more study than just going out and flirting with every woman you see. It’s about understanding the psychology of women—and the psychology of men. It’s not just about appearing cool and confident, and it’s not just about natural charisma. It’s about understanding the different dynamics of dating a woman, and being able to transform a night out into a night of great sex.

A woman is trying to meet a man for a date or hookup. A man is trying to impress a woman—or make her want him. The line between the two is razor thin, and there is no way for a guy to know exactly what he needs to do at any given time to impress a woman—it’s all about the situation, as well as what a woman needs from a man.

Much of modern dating is about a guy getting a girl alone—that is, finding a way to get a woman to come into contact with him. It’s about seduction, and seduction is easy: show up, do your best to be irresistible, and then get out of the way. Modern pickup requires more than that, of course, and it’s also about self-awareness and knowing what you want from a woman. Here’s how to learn these skills.

2) Understand what women want

Women are driven by many different things, but for a guy to succeed in dating, he has to know what the hookup/date equals for a woman. This isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly important. Most women don’t know what they want, but they can usually be traced to one of three basic desires:

They want sex. They want it from someone they feel safe with—someone they feel they can trust and respect. They want it from a partner they would be afraid to “cross” to, if they didn’t feel safe with that person. They want a high-status male. These women are fascinated by and attracted to wealth, power, and status. They are looking for a strong man who can provide for them financially, emotionally, and physically.

In a perfect world, these desires would all be going in the same direction, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Many women want sex from men they’re not interested in. Many women are interested in men who aren’t the “big dick” they want to sleep with.