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After a decade of success, AutoCAD experienced its first economic downturn in the late 1990s. Autodesk’s stock price fell from $100 in December 1996 to $25 in June 1999. To address market concerns, Autodesk slashed AutoCAD prices and reduced the number of AutoCAD features. Autodesk also launched a number of other applications and announced that it would acquire certain applications from other software companies.

In the 2000s, AutoCAD continued to increase its market share and revenue. In 2008, Autodesk acquired Cadalyst, a competitor in the CAD market. The acquisition of Cadalyst introduced a number of new features, including parametric modeling, animation, and advanced rendering techniques. The acquisition also significantly increased the sophistication of the underlying rendering engine.

With over a million users worldwide, AutoCAD is one of the most widely used computer applications. Its success enabled Autodesk to create other applications, including Alias Wavefront ShapeCatcher, Alias StyleCatcher, Alias Fireworks, and Alias Smoke (now marketed as 3ds Max). Although Alias Smoke was originally marketed as an architectural rendering application, Autodesk has since expanded it to include other modeling, animation, and rendering applications.

Autodesk AutoCAD has a number of industry-standard specifications.

Version number history

Autodesk AutoCAD 3D 2012 (since 2006)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 (since 2004)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2009 (since 2003)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2008 (since 2002)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 (since 2001)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2006 (since 1998)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2004 (since 1995)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2002 (since 1992)

Autodesk AutoCAD 1991 (since 1987)

Autodesk AutoCAD 1987 (since 1983)

Early versions

When the AutoCAD product was first released, the graphics on AutoCAD were simple vector graphics. The graphics were generated by a custom low-level language. Later, Autodesk introduced a macro language, which users could use to automate certain tasks.

AutoCAD 1983-1994

AutoCAD was designed and marketed by Autodesk. At first, AutoCAD was released only as a desktop app for Microsoft Windows

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the.NET programming interface is available for non-commercial use. (AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2004 only).

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What’s New In?

Draw and annotate a path in one easy-to-use action. Support for virtual and physical 3D models, and more export options. Create Freehand annotations for support of physical 3D models with an active surface. Inventor-ready. (video: 1:44 min.)

Convert 3D models to 2D. Use a 3D model as a digital drawing surface. Inventor-ready. (video: 1:32 min.)

Change the Look and Feel of Text:

Increase contrast and sharpness, and use a new icon library to design faster. Easily change the look and feel of your text using design presets. (video: 1:54 min.)

Design on multiple pages. Move all objects from one page to another with a single command. Easily copy and paste from one drawing to another. All pages in a drawing appear automatically in the AutoCAD 3D View. (video: 2:08 min.)

Export All Views:

Easily export all views to a PDF or other file formats for a multi-page presentation. Also convert from 2D to 3D. (video: 1:16 min.)

New tools for annotating 3D views:

Unite objects to automatically create surfaces. Generate meshes from groups of related objects and turn them into surfaces automatically. Shape single or multilayer surfaces with a single action.

The Markup tool has been improved. You can now import a cloud marker on a drawing, and convert a text callout to a cloud marker. Use the Markup tool with multiple windows. See the new Cloud Marker tool tip to learn how to add a cloud marker to your drawing. (video: 1:35 min.)

Web Access and Annotations:

Fully support annotation from a web browser in 2D and 3D views, and embed these annotations directly into your drawing. (video: 1:16 min.)

Design with speed and simplicity. New user interface makes creating a design model and final drawing simple. New and improved animations provide a smoother design experience. The design interface has been streamlined for faster work. (video: 1:15 min.)

Read about AutoCAD version 2023 innovations.

About AutoCAD:

The world’s leading, and most widely used, computer-aided design (CAD) software delivers an unmatched level of

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