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SolSuite 2016 Activation Code With Crack Free Download

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Qt::AlignLeft applied on QLabel causes corner clipping

I’ve got a QLabel with some text, with left and right alignment.
From the Qt documentation, the parameter Qt::AlignLeft makes the text appear like this :
![enter image description here][1]
However, when I use that parameter for left alignment, the label’s corner is clipped, like in the image:
![enter image description here][2]
I tried using QFrame instead of QLabel with an empty QFrame as the parent, but it didn’t fix it.
Here’s my code for that label:
QLabel *label = new QLabel(parent);
label->setText(“Etat réduit à 2 aux 12:00:00 le 21 octobre 2012.”);
label->setToolTip(“Etat réduit à 2 aux 12:00:00 le 21 octobre 2012.”);


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
Quoting the docs:

Note that the QLabel::setAlignment() is only valid before the QLabel::setText(), it will reset it to its default value of “right-aligned” (i.e. it will ignore the left alignment specified by QLabel::setLeftAlignment()). This is useful, for example, to place a label at the top of the layout (use QLabel::setAlignment(Qt::AlignTop) instead).

So it’s still an alignment, not an alignment on a specific location.
To get the desired effect you have to set the alignment and margin to align to the left:

package endpoints4s.http.client.