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To this end, you can either install TW2A on a separate hard drive partition, or use a DVD to boot your system into Windows. DVD-ROM drives play perfectly on a Win2A host and are supported by Linux. Win2A will default to your keyboard.
. First �if you have a laptop, follow the directions in.

Vista Home Premium: This is recommended for most users. It comes with two separate operating system and allows you to switch to Windows XP when XP is needed.

Vista Ultimate: Best for demanding users. Includes a lot of personalization options and what is known as “must have” programs.

Vista Ultimate with XP: For those users in a hurry to try the new Vista operating system. This is a one-stop deal with every Vista program you need.

Vista Business: This version is for business people who need added features and security.

Vista Home Premium with XP: For users who need a lot of compatibility with XP.

Vista Home Premium with Vista: A good combination of “Home” and “Ultimate”.


and tell it to look for Windows XP media on your computer, and select the default Operating System.

When you boot Windows XP, the DVD drive should be first priority and windows will look in it for the operating system.


To do this use the Select A Device option and choose the DVD drive as the primary option. From there proceed through the system by either pressing

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If you have learned to mind your business, you will continue to mind your business.”
“The ´‘Learned’ and the ´‘Mentored’ “
When two or more simple ideas are combined, the result is a compound idea.
Compound ideas improve our lives as we make them, “do” them, ¨see” them, and ¨hear” them.
By the way, if the ´‘Learned’ and ´‘Mentored’ “
attitude takes us towards ¨“success” and ¨satisfaction“,
the ´‘Self’ and ´‘Other’ “ attitude will take us towards ¨“failure” and ¨dis-satisfaction“.
Finally, in most cases,
Ada Lovelace Of Computing And ´‘Perfect Software’ “ Lovelace
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