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A.S. Bari is the new name of an Italian professional football club that is based in Bari, Apulia region. It was called Nuova Victoria and plays in the Serie C. The club is currently controlled by the parent company Sincronia.


Roberto Alesti
Simone Scuffet
Federico Farolfi

Marco Giovigli
Francesco Rossi
Antonino De Guzman
Filippo Maria Masetti
Davide Barille
Rodrigo Tot

Andrea Berton
Sebastiano Donzelli
Sandro Caruso
Daniele Dessì
Gianmarco Cappellone
Michele Canini
Paulo Tarantino

Esteban López
Piero Scacchi
Graziano Pellè
Alessandro Gamberini
Roberto Piaceri

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Feb 28, 2013
I have downloaded the file “Updating Digital Audio.exe”.. what is happening? Do I need to reinstall?
Jan 21, 2014
If you have trouble installing AEON you can do the following: 1. Do you see the AEON icon in system tray? 2. Do you see a ‘Please Wait’ icon in tray? 3. Is there an.
Apr 27, 2016
Unzip SoundSpectrum Aeon Platinum.exe and double click on file soundSpectrum.exe.
Create and make sure that you have a valid WMC serial number.
What to Do When the Download File Is Corrupt?
Windows Audio Center
Type AEON into the Windows Audio Center or go to the Windows Control Panel and click “Add hardware”.“A cryptocurrency or bitcoin is a digital currency, created and held electronically. A wallet or digital wallet is used for trading and transacting with bitcoin. It is digital and decentralized – no one runs the code. No one can change the rules, it is a distributed trust system based on peer-to-peer technology. It is open-source and permissionless, meaning anyone is free to use the technology and there is no middle-man. Bitcoin aims to create a virtual currency that is secure, protocol-based, decentralized, and resistant to government control.”Q:

Is this for loop exception safe?

I have an C++ for loop that checks a list of pointers for a certain element and deallocates that element, like this:
for (MyClass* object : list) {
if (object->string == key)
delete object;

The list is of MyClass objects, and they have a string member.
The string contains a pointer to another string, so if the object is the one with the key, then the pointer is nulled.
The program is compiled with -fsanitize=address and the loop throws an exception if a null pointer is encountered.
I’m interested in trying to fix this exception, and looking at the profiler (gprof) shows that most of the time is spent in delete on the pointer.
I could