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Songs Movie Tees Maar Khan Free Download


Song – Shiela Ki Jawaani Film – Tees Maar Khan Singer – Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal Dadlani Lyricist . The main character of this song is Laura Thakur. Together with her friend, she lived in a big house. Every night the young man left and did not return, and then one morning Laura found that neither he nor his car was there. The girl did not know what to think, but decided to get to work. She called her friend every day, but her phone was unavailable all the time. One day, Laura thought that perhaps her friend had gone on a spree somewhere, but did not do anything. And on Saturday evening her friend calls her and says that he has found a job. So the girl learned about her new profession. Her future job was to advertise the singer who sings in these places, whose name is Thaka. The girl decided to take up this job, as it was very profitable and interesting. She soon realized that her job paid well and that she had the opportunity to travel more and see the world. Soon the young singer got many fans who came to her house to listen to her songs. From that moment on, the girl became famous. But one day her life came to an end. The girl became seriously ill and was taken to the hospital. Saddened, she realized that she would never be able to see her beloved. The day she realized everything that was happening, her life was cut short. Legend has it that she died after hearing her mother’s last song.
The story of how a young girl lost her life in a car accident.Nancy Joyce, a girl who worked in a store, was used to frequent changes of people, and if not for her family, she might never have known what work is. One evening, when Nancy was returning home, a car crashed into her car, the driver of which turned out to be a crook. As a result, Nancy, having fallen from a motorcycle, received a huge injury, and was paralyzed. Nancy’s parents did not learn anything about her fate. But after a while, the girl suddenly felt some kind of foreign smell in the cabin of her car. Horrified, she found the severed head of her mother lying on the seat, which was wrapped around the door handle. Since it was already too late and Nancy’s parents had already left this world, this was the only world in which Nancy could recognize and feel her mother. He