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Breed cute farm animals and collect a variety of crops to turn your farm into .
The University of Göttingen secured 40 million euros to set up the Kraftlager ham company, while other small producers went into the beer business.
Food fair tours were created to showcase the consumer benefits of using the goods and services available in rural areas.
So, in the city of Göttingen, at the fair, farmers have the opportunity to show their products in consultation with local agricultural experts or, for example, make a purchase at Kanto fairs.
Approximately 4 million people visit regional rural fairs each year, which are typically attended by approximately 3,500,000 participants.
Fairs also provide an opportunity to learn how people live in rural areas.
This information is used in advertising, cooking and entertainment, where you can find shows and performances by artists.
Domestic economic activity provides support to agriculture when the fair is attended.
For example, by attracting thousands of agricultural technology experts from around the world, the fair provides “custom help” to almost 200,000 farmers from different countries and provinces.
Another way for food fairs to link agriculture to food culture is the prospect of applying what they’ve learned to a food-growing business.
Goods with high consumer demand, such as high-quality grains and vegetables, can also be found at the fairs.
Many of these goods are locally produced, but they also attract the interest of guests.
Therefore, marketing companies such as Leader Consulting use fairs to promote food products and generate consumer demand.
By generating higher revenue for producers at the expense of the consumer segment, fairs can have a significant impact on innovation.
This trend may have an impact on food trade in general.
5.8. Services and benefits of tourism in agriculture
The globalization of agriculture leads to the emergence of tourism sites about agriculture.
Together with consultants and experts who monitor such sites, ideas can be formulated in the country for new types of services, such as selling wine, products that are grown for restaurants with related programs for travelers.
The current trends in the tourism industry open up great opportunities for tourism traveling in the countryside or in cities where rural infrastructure and environmental