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DRM-X 4.0, standing for “Digital Rights Management”, is an encryption platform that helps you protect your content. Relying on a powerful security architecture, the standard offers you full control over your intellectual property and your content rights. While the platform comes with support for HTML5 and mobile operating systems, its developers also created a way for you to protect your Zoom meetings using an application called XZoom.
DRM protection for your Zoom sessions 
What XZoom actually does is provide a Zoom meeting client having the DRM-X 4.0 standard embedded. This lightweight application allows you to provide protection for your Zoom sessions and prevent those who connect via your Zoom meeting ID to record the screen, access the meeting in a virtual machine, and other such actions that might pose a data theft risk for the information you expose in your Zoom sessions.
With the world shifting from the offline to the online once again and with all the online activities, trainings, coaching sessions that occur worldwide, implementing DRM protection for Zoom meetings is surely welcomed.
Zoom subscription and DRM 4.0 enterprise account required 
While using XZoom in itself is not difficult (at least according to the available tutorials and online description of the application), keep in mind that a DRM-X 4.0 Enterprise account and a Zoom Pro account are needed to test the application. In other words, you must pay for both the DRM service and Zoom to be able to add DRM protection to your meetings.
The first step is to login to your DRM 4.0 account. Under “License Profiles” you will see an icon in the “Protect Zoom” column. Click it and then take the time to fill in the license profile settings for enabling XZoom. The Zoom SDK key and secret are required (you can get these by creating an SDK in your Zoom Pro account, in the Marketplace), as well as the Zoom meeting ID and passcode. The XZoom meeting link is then generated. You must then invite users to download XZoom and use this link to connect to your meeting.
Zoom DRM protection for enterprise users 
XZoom is an interesting application but, unfortunately, it does not work unless a Zoom Pro account and a DRM 4.0 Enterprise account are available.


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XZoom Crack Torrent

XZoom Crack is an application developed by Zoom to assist with DRM-X 4.0 protection of Zoom meetings. It is an application that is designed to protect people (or virtual machines) when they are meeting on your Zoom platform.

XZoom Activation Code Features:
• Decompression: Decompress any of your content including video, photos, and anything else you are able to send to the meeting.
• Decrypted: Decryption happens as a meeting is being recorded. Those watching the screen will be able to watch, but the purpose of a Zoom Meetings only service such as XZoom Cracked Accounts is to not let the viewers get the decrypted data. They will not be able to access the content of the meeting.
• Encryption: Encryption process happens as a meeting is being recorded. Those watching the screen will not be able to access the content. No keys or decryption codes are stored on the user’s device. That is why the application will not stay on your device after the meeting has been ended. You will need to remove the application if you want to be able to access your content.

How XZoom works with Zoom:
Zoom videos are saved into the internet and uploaded to a server. They are saved with an encryption key. The key is passed through to XZoom. XZoom uses the same encryption key to decrypt any existing data and then to compress the video so it is small enough to send to the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the xzoom keys are removed and the video is decompressed. The encryption key is deleted and cannot be used again. The video is ready for viewing.
Zoom and DRM-X 4.0:
The benefits of using Zoom’s streaming technology instead of saving a copy of each Zoom video is that all the videos must be connected to one Zoom server. It is an easy way to securely record in a Zoom room.
Using the xzoom application with DRM-X 4.0 allows content to be decrypted and then encrypted on the go. This will allow for an easy way to record meetings.

How to protect meetings with XZoom:
Download XZoom from the market place.
Launch xzoom and choose the correct meeting ID and passcode.
Select from “Encryption” or “Decryption.”
Select the user or server and the meeting

XZoom Torrent X64

XZoom works on any device that can run Google Chrome, meaning any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. All you need is a solid internet connection to use the application. Once installed, the application can be used like any other Chrome extension. XZoom connects directly to your Zoom meetings without the need for a connection to your corporate network.
About the Author
Michael Jures is the developer of the XZoom application. He owns an ActiveSync license for an Apple laptop, a PC, and a tablet. He uses Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365 subscription, Office 2016, and a MacBook Pro laptop. He is a Wireshark and NetBeans developer.This invention relates to a temperature dependent switch which is responsive to the temperature rise of a switching medium, and more particularly, this invention relates to an air coil temperature dependent switch, which will operate to cause a normally closed contact to be opened upon a predetermined temperature rise of a coil of a fuel cell power supply.
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XZoom PC/Windows

XZoom is a free Zoom meeting viewer for enterprise users who require DRM support for their Zoom meetings. It is based on the DRM‐X 4.0 security technology and is native to Android and iOS devices. XZoom is fully encrypted against excessive screen capturing, data leaking, server replay attacks and malware attacks. It is fully forward and backward compatible with existing Zoom meeting guides and tools.
Why install XZoom?
• XZoom is a robust, high-performance DRM meeting viewer and has extremely high conversion rates. 
• XZoom’s DRM security technology can completely protect your Zoom meeting contents against screen capturing, data leaking, server replay attacks and malware attacks.
• XZoom is also natively supported by the following mobile operating systems:
– Android
– iOS
• XZoom lives on the fly; you need to install it only once, and XZoom is ready to protect your Zoom meetings whenever you need it.
• XZoom is developed by Zoom Mobile Inc., the company that created Zoom meetings, and is available both in the market and in the Play Store for entertainment and business.
How to install XZoom?
To begin installing XZoom, first obtain an enterprise license by signing up for a DRM 4.0 Enterprise account, found on the DRM 4.0 Page.
1) Under “License Profiles”, click the “+ Profile icon” to add a new license 

What’s New In XZoom?

XZoom is a lightweight application for desktop and mobile that allows you to protect your Zoom meetings from unwanted screen recording and other actions that might pose a data theft risk for the information you expose in your Zoom meetings.
Note: In the license profile settings, the Zoom meeting ID and passcode are entered that are also associated to the user who registers to XZoom and are used to create the application link. 
To protect your Zoom meetings, first login to your DRM 4.0 account. Under “License Profiles” you will see an icon in the “Protect Zoom” column. Click it and then take the time to fill in the license profile settings for enabling XZoom. The Zoom SDK key and secret are required (you can get these by creating an SDK in your Zoom Pro account, in the Marketplace), as well as the Zoom meeting ID and passcode. The XZoom meeting link is then generated. You must then invite users to download XZoom and use this link to connect to your meeting. 
When starting a Zoom meeting using the XZoom meeting link, users will be prompted to install the XZoom application. Once the XZoom application is installed, users will be able to join your Zoom meeting and use Zoom features, but they will not be allowed to send any documents. For this reason, XZoom is not fully integrated with Zoom.
You can learn more about XZoom from the following link:


Zoom does allow you to add DRM, however it is intended for internal use only, as it requires an entire lockdown of your meeting. You can find more info here

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System Requirements:

The installer works on Windows OS with.Net Framework 4.6.2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 as operating system. The installer is optimized for the latest version of the NuGet Package Manager.
There’s no need to rebuild the installer.
Additional Installations:
Check out the other versions of
for other platforms.