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■ Thuban is a GIS data browser that has hundreds of visualizations and analysis methods developed by M.L. Smiles. Many of these have now become part of Thuban:

Up-coming Release 0.9.7:

Added ability to view the GeoPDF from Thuban instead of the default WebViewer.

Enhanced Support for Raster Data:
■ Added Raster Image Viewer
■ Support for larger image sizes and background color
■ Support for GeoTIFF multi-band GeoTIFF
■ Support for Color GeoTIFF
■ Support for GeoPDF geoPDF and GeoPDF wireframe
■ Support for GeoPDF filtering and exporting to shapefile

Added Ability to Save the Map Layout for Undefined Scale Settings:
■ Added the ability to save the map layout in a specified scale
■ The saved map layout will still be in the same location on the map as the map is on screen, but the Zoom Level may or may not be the specified zoom level.
■ To open this map layout, in a map which is already running, go to the location of the saved map layout file.
■ To open this map layout, in a map which is NOT already running, click the “Load Layout…” button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Implemented the ability to zoom in and out of a map.

Implemented the ability to pan a map.

Implemented the ability to run and stop map.

Implemented the ability to reload a Map.

Implemented the ability to save a map.

Implemented the ability to save a map layout.

Enhancements to the Thuban Library:
■ now has more than 1,300 visualizations and analysis methods.

Enhancements to the Thuban Object Identification:
■ You can now select entities by clicking on them and then change the selection type.
■ You can now perform N-number of Numeric Group queries.
■ You can now perform N-number of Numeric Group queries for Raster Data.
■ You can now perform N-number of Numeric Group queries for Vector Data.

Enhanced Support for Raster Data:

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Thuban is an interactive geographic data viewer. It displays, explore, and analyze geographic information. It has only been tested with shape files and PostGIS Raster tables. It can display vector data such as shape files and raster images such as GeoTIFFs and can process it to 3-Dimensional geometries. It supports different projections, geodesic calculations, and ways to browse, zoom, and pan around the data.
Thuban is developed in PHP, MySQL, and GeoIP libraries and includes a flexible front end, a powerful backend, and support for the Windows IDE. It is written in a Zend-centric style which means it will compile into PHP extensions for other programming environments. Thuban has been tailored to be easy to learn and easy to understand. It supports many features, which include auto-detection of projection, Earth Atlas support, handling multiple maps in one map, Multiple projections, multiple maps in one map, Leaflet, ECW, GeoJSON, and many more.
Thuban is currently distributed through Windows only. I would like to support other platforms in the future.
Thuban’s API is intended to expose any and all aspects of the product.
This documentation builds upon the API features as it is made accessible via the API.
Thuban Version History:
I am constantly making new releases and upgrades. I make sure that all of the important issues are fixed and most of the issues found have been addressed.
My current releases are
Thuban 2.2.8 (March 10th, 2014)
* Many Bug Fixes
* New Image Browser Window
Thuban 2.1.5 (February 3rd, 2014)
* New Multi-Map and Multi-Projection Support
* Batch Image Export
Thuban 2.0.3 (February 3rd, 2014)
* New Settings Tab with 5 Settings Option
* Batch Geocoding Services
* Better GeoDB Data Parsing
* Upgraded jVectorMap Support to 0.5.2
* Added Mandelbrot Map View
* Updated Legend Manager to Accomplish Themes
* Added Legend Support for Multilevels
* Added Legend Support for Non-NATM Maps
* Added Legend Support for HTML5 Buttons
* Added Legend Support for Popup Buttons
* Added Legend Support for Pushbuttons
* Added Legend Support for Map Tools
* Added Legend Support for Projections

Thuban Crack

Thuban is a multi-platform, multi-language GIS viewer with the following features:
1) Graphic visualization of geographic information.
2) Interactive map layout using web standards:
■ Fully responsive display layout.
■ Smooth transition between the zoomed-out map display and the map panning display.
■ Easily change the map display layer, from vector layer to raster layer, or even
to XML features supported by OpenLayers or MapServer.
3) Support vector and raster data.
4) Map navigation.
5) Legend editor with classification.
6) Table queries and joins.
7) Python API for add-on extensions.
8) Tables and figures as final output.
Thuban supports vector and raster data, and can therefore support various source data
• Vector data support: shapefile, postgis, wps, and many other vector formats.
• Raster data support: GeoTIFF, GTiff, JPEG, TIFF, BW, JPEG2000, PNG and many
other raster formats.
• Vector and raster data support in vector format.
• Map orientation: portrait and landscape
• Projection support: WGS84, GEOGCS, WebMercator2, Mercator,
Thuban supports the following optional characteristics:
■ Fullscreen display mode to support full-screen display of layers in the map.
■ Legend display mode to display legends with the map.
■ Click-to-pan or dragging-to-pan support.
■ Interactive map layout using Web Standards.
■ A set of skin for color and font in vector and raster.
■ Support for the following display modes in vector and raster:
o Add Lines in vector display mode.
o Add Points in vector display mode.
o Add Polylines in vector display mode.
o Add Raster and Vector with layout in raster display mode.
o Add Vector and Raster with layout in vector display mode.
■ Multiple layers in the same map.
■ Multiple maps in one application window.
■ Multiple maps at the same time.
■ Interactive map layout using Web Standards with symbols.
■ A set of skins for colors and fonts.

What’s New in the?

■ Vector Data Support: Shapefile, PostGIS Layer
■ Raster Data Support: GeoTIFF Layer
■ Comfortable Map Navigation
Thuban has recently added support for shapefiles and postgis layers that are loaded into the database and later accessed through the same API methods that are used for accessing or processing shapefiles or other vector data.
The methods for creating and manipulating those data have not changed, so this is simply a matter of loading the shapefile or postgis file into the database when the application is loaded and using the same methods for locating, editing and manipulating that data in the same way as we use for accessing or editing other vector data.
■ Object Identification and Annotation
Thuban supports Z-Order. So, when you are zooming in, you can click on a geometrical object to place it on top. Also, objects that are already on the map can be moved or scaled with the update methods.
■ Legend Editor and Classification
Thuban supports the legend editor and classification.
■ Table Queries and Joins
Thuban’s SQL engine supports subselects and joins.
■ Projection Support
Thuban can read and write several projection types.
■ Printing and Vector Export
Thuban can export to vector format (svg), ascii or ms excel file
■ API for Add-Ons (Extensions)
Thuban is made of separate components, some of them are available as external plugins. These are: Firebird, Postgres, Oracle, ODBC, SQLite, Sybase, Teradata, MYSQL. If you want to write one, we recommend the ODBC component, which is fully compatible with Java (including JDBC drivers), Java Web Start (JNLP), MYSQL, Microsoft Excel, MSSQL and ODBC. Check the documentation section of the website for more information.
■ Multi-Language Support: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish
Thuban fully supports multi-language support.
Thuban is available as multi-platform software: 32 and 64 bits, Win, Mac OS X and Linux.
Thuban License:
Thuban is Open Source software, and is available under GNU General Public License.
System Requirements:
Thuban is a Java application. It can be

System Requirements:

Min. specifications:
Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista
Windows XP or Windows Vista Processor: 3.0 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM
3.0 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 128MB of video memory
DirectX 9 graphics card with 128MB of video memory Sound: Sound card with DirectX 9 support
Sound card with DirectX 9 support DirectX: DirectX 9 graphics support
DirectX 9 graphics support HDD: 25 GB available disk space
25 GB available disk space CD-R or CD-