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A phasor measurement unit (PMU) or synchrophasor allows you to measure electrical waves on any electricity grid, with the help of a common time source that aids in synchronization.
PMU Connection Tester is a sturdy piece of software that allows you to collect information about data streams recorded and distributed by such devices. The program requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to properly work.
Handy tool for data stream logging
The application provides you with convenient ways of logging data received from synchrophasors. As these devices can be connected as a dedicated components or as relays, you have the possibility to connect to them and listen for incoming data.
The data streams sent by phasor measurement units display and measure electrical waves, along with several characteristics, such as magnitude or frequency. This way, you are able to check if any abnormalities are registered, meaning that your electricity grid might malfunction.
Reliable synchrophasor data collector
PMU Connection Tester can help you save all the data received from phasor measurement devices, in order to further analyze it, or send it to a specialist that can determine if your grids are properly working.
Furthermore, the application can receive data using various protocols, such as IEEE C37.118 (Version 1/Draft 7, Draft 6), IEEE 1344, BPA PDCstream, SEL Fast Message, UTK FNET streaming data protocol, IEC 61850-90-5 and Macrodyne. This ensures flexibility, as you can connect to most synchrophasors.
To sum it up, PMU Connection Tester offers you an efficient way of capturing data streams sent by phasor measurement devices, thus testing the connection with them. Although the application presents itself with an user-friendly interface, it can be confusing for those who have no knowledge on how synchrophasors work or the way electrical waves should travel in electricity grids.


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PMU Connection Tester 2.2.4 Crack

This article will elaborate on the power of the syncphasor and also the function of a measurement unit. We will also discuss the advantages of using this device for the utility, distribution, generation companies, researchers, and the public.
Note: This article is meant to give general info. Please do not consider it as a professional guidance.
When we say synchrophasor, what exactly does it mean? Syncphasor is a term that describes the coordinated time stamping of the electrical data captured by the devices.
There are many reasons why a utility would want to time stamp electrical data. One of the more common ones is to improve the accuracy of the data collected.
Some utilities require the data to be recorded at the same time each day. This ensures that no errors occur in the data stored.
The usage of this information can improve the efficiency of the energy grid. Some utilities have reports of monthly usage and depend on this information to ensure that every consumer gets a fair bill. Another benefits are customer service reports, such as the generation of a billing cycle.
A syncphasor has several functions. It can send an alarm to the utility and alert them of a power outage. They can also send a report to the utility about where the power was lost or the time of a fault. As we said, the utility could also use this information for improved efficiency of the grid.
When a utility generates power, they know how much of the power is actually being used. They can use this information to alter or improve the equipment.
Last, but not least, the synchrophasor can be used to help improve the condition of the grid. Say, for example, that the grid is overloaded. The grid operator sends out a signal to all of the synchrophasors to slow down the current flowing into that area. Once the grid is freed up, they can then tell the generators to increase their output.
The synchrophasor is a measurement device that is used to record electrical waveform. It can be attached to a communication system (such as an Ethernet). As the waveform travels along the grid, it can make connections to the communicant with the synchrophasor.
There are two types of synchrophasors in common use today. One is a hybrid with a computer. It allows for high resolution frequency analysis.
The other type of synchrophasor is

PMU Connection Tester 2.2.4 With Full Keygen Free

PMU Connection Tester Free Download is a powerful data stream collector that allows you to receive data streams from synchrophasors or phasor measurement units. As many more devices can be connected to, this program can log the data received from any phasor measurement units, as well as corresponding data sent by them. The data can be collected in a specific folder, or e-mailed to the users of your choice, making it an ultimate tool for monitoring the quality of the electricity grid.
What is new in this release:
-When properly connected to a phasor measurement units, information can be collected about the electrical waves received from them.
-You can also read a list of previous problems reported by the application.
A stylish upgrade to our old student-proof app; hope you love it as much as we do.
-Collect data via various protocols
-Log the received data in a specified folder
-E-mail received data
-Display either the data received, or data from one of the phasor measurement units
-Easily control data reception via a graphical interface
-Allow connected devices to connect to the hosts via a smart router
-Display the various communication modes in which devices can connect to each other
-Read a list of all problems previously reported by the application
-Collect data streams via IEEE C37.118 (Version 1, Draft 7 and Draft 6)
-Log the data received via ISO 14230-3C (BPI: BPA PDCstream)
-Log the data received via the Generic Communications Protocol (V2)
-Log the data received via the Universal Time and Command Link (UTK FNET streaming data protocol)
-Log the data received via the IEC 61850-90-5 (UXT) streaming data protocol
-Log the data received via Macrodyne streaming data protocol
-Log the data received via the IEEE 1344 communication protocol
-Log the received data using TETX Message Format
-Log the data received via various protocols, including IEEE C37.118 (Version 1, Draft 7 and Draft 6)
-Collect data received via the BPA PDCstream protocol via ISO 14230-3C (BPI: BPA PDCstream)
-Send the data received using the UTK FNET streaming data protocol via ISO 14230-3C (BPI: BPA PDCstream)
-Send the data received via the IEC

PMU Connection Tester 2.2.4 Crack+ Download

The software allows you to send and receive data received from phasor measurement units. You can also log the data captured, collect the quantities generated, collect the frequency of signals (magnitude or frequency) that can be used to analyze the grid’s structure.The program requires.Net Framework installed on your computer in order to properly work.
Advanced features:
>>>Graph interface (lines and bars)
>>>File output (CSV and XML)
>>>Data timestamps
>>>Data size limits
>>>Data bit rate limits
>>>Connection and data mode (IEEE C37.118)
>>>Upper time limit
>>>Number of samples per second
>>>Wave frequency limit (magnitude)
>>>Records with frequency error
>>>Limit on total number of devices
>>>Use aggregated readings or each device
>>>Limit on total number of devices
>>>Set points in meter units
>>>Log levels
>>>Record data sent or received
>>>Set data type (PDC streams, SEL Fast Message, BPA PDCstream, IEC 61850-90-5 and Macrodyne)
>>>Trigger on frequency error (Hz)
>>>Trigger on data error (Hz)
>>>Trigger on minimum and maximum reading error (p.u.)
>>>Trigger on data rate limit (ms)
>>>Enable flow control
>>>Enable double buffering
>>>Enable TCP/IP control and de-multiplexing (IS1, IS2, IS3 and HDLC)
>>>Enable compression (GZip, Deflate and LZH15)
>>>Enable record file logging to standard output and per-process user settings
>>>Support 32-bit/64-bit platform
>>>Support x86, x64 and ARM platforms
>>>Support Windows XP/7/10
>>>Automatically detect phasor devices or you can connect manually (both IEEE C37.118 and IEEE 1344)
>>>Supports multiple signals per device
>>>Supports data logs of 1/10th and 1/100th of seconds
>>>Accuracy: PMU Connection Tester uses exact time synchronization technology, so readings that are correct compared to the time source, are accurate.
>>>Supports GSM phasor devices
>>>Supports OPNET phasor devices
>>>Supports Northvolt BPM15 phasor devices
>>>Supports power grid phasor devices
>>>Supports Ovation phasor devices
>>>Supports AB

What’s New in the PMU Connection Tester?

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System Requirements For PMU Connection Tester:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2530K @ 3.2 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Additional Notes:
Release notes for legacy drivers may be found at: