PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) Crack [Win/Mac] (2022)


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PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) Crack Free Download (Updated 2022)

PC Remote Control is a complete control software solution for your Windows computer. PC Remote Control gives you access to all of your computer’s features through a simple and easy-to-use program that can be installed on your computer and run on any mobile phone. PC Remote Control uses BlueTooth or Wifi technology and requires no special software to be installed on the computer in order to work.
The program runs in the background and does not use any of the phone’s user interface. You can control your computer simply by using the phone’s buttons.
PC Remote Control can control your computer from a distance. It can turn it on or off, reboot or shutdown, lock, or even launch the screensaver.
Key Features:
* Control your computer from any connected mobile phone.
* Make phone calls, SMS messages, or have your Skype conversations operate from your
* Control you Windows Media player, Winamp, iTunes, PowerPoint and other multimedia software.
* Control your computer mouse using this simple remote control.
* Bring pictures and documents from the desktop onto your phone.
* Play games with this control software.
* Stop or control your music player with this control app.

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PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) Crack + With Registration Code

PC Remote Control is a desktop application that can be used to control any computer or smartphone over a Bluetooth connection. PC Remote Control is a Java program, so most smartphones today are supported. If your smartphone is unsupported, you might want to use PC Remote Control…
Platforms: Windows

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PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) Activation Key [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

Do you often find yourself asking yourself what the Windows (7, 8, 8.1) desktop machine is doing, but you happen to be away at the time? Well, that’s exactly when PC Remote Control will come in handy.
As an adap…

Remote Desktop Power User is an all-in-one remote access solution, including a server and multiple clients like remote desktops, web cameras, touch devices, game controllers and more.
It can be deployed to Internet users, provides a remote control solution to users from any device with a browser.

Remote Desktop Control Tool is the complete remote desktop solution for everyone that wishes to have remote control over any machine and access any remote desktop running on the LAN.
You can easily add and remove users and control remote desktop sessions.
Remote Desktop Control Tool is a free.

A remote desktop application that lets you control a desktop PC from anywhere in the world. It supports multiple protocols including RDP, VNC, Web Client, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Tablet PC, 3D, Windows Remote Assistance and SSH.
What is VNC?
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), is the de facto standard for remote access and screen sharing on Windows. RDP is a relatively simple desktop protocol that provides a session-based interface between client and server.
The Open…

Control your remote Windows system from anywhere, and without cables.
Remote Desktop Connection Server lets you remotely control your Windows systems using a secure connection.
With Remote Desktop Connection Server you can launch any Windows system from a web browser, and get remote desktop and remote control from any Internet connected Windows system.
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Server is easy to install and use.
Remmina is a free, open source remote desktop client.
Remote Desktop Connection Server works with Remmina.

Micro Server Remote Console is a free and easy to install (5 minutes) powerful and advanced remote management suite for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
For system administrators, Micro Server Remote Console is the missing link between a Windows Server machine and a client workstation.
It allows you to remotely manage servers without going through a thin client.
Micro Server Remote Console can act as an RDP viewer, RDP proxy, MSSW server or simple terminal.
Remote Desktop…

Software Remmina is a free remote desktop client application, which provides a secure way to connect to remote Windows desktops from a Linux system

What’s New In?

Bluetooth Remote Control is a new free software to connect your mobile phone to a PC and control its functions: play, pause, skip, stop, shuffle, repeat, repeat all, fast forward and rewind, adjust volume, change track, display album artwork, display system information, adjust brightness, use GPS, view contact list, execute, view a presentation and so on. PC Remote Control is simple and very easy to use.

PC Remote Control software is a free software that connects your mobile phone to a PC and control its functions: play, pause, skip, stop, shuffle, repeat, repeat all, fast forward and rewind, adjust volume, change track, display album artwork, display system information, adjust brightness, use GPS, view contact list, execute, view a presentation and so on.
PC Remote Control supports many mobile phones, including Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, iPhone and so on. You can control your PC by using the menu on the mobile phone or by sending SMS messages to a PC or mobile phone.

– Updated the external tray icon to support iOS 6
– Fixed crash in Music tray when using with iPhone 4 or iPod Touch
– Fixed the bug for SD card, some users reported that the control is not working properly
– Fixed the bug when setup of several PC friends using same numbers
– Fixed the bug that not support some remote control function from some phones
– Fixed the bug that couldn’t be set the buttons group when using in some Windows OS
– Fixed the behavior for Mac OS if the phone is locked
– Fixed the bug that can’t be control the music player on Windows phone
– Fixed the bug that can’t work with Samsung Galaxy Y

– Added an external tray icon for the iOS 4.3 or newer
– Added the touch control for iOS 4.2
– Improved the file transfer with iOS4.1 or newer
– Added 8 more of the SmartPhones’ Bluetooth Macros
– Improved the transfer speed of the iOS4.1 or newer
– Added the accelerometer function for iOS4
– Added the button groups
– Added the sms function for Linux or Mac OS
– Added the WMA9 function
– Added the sharing function
– Added the mac style for the app
– Added the mac style for windows
– Added the media function for iPhone
– Added the sound clarity function

System Requirements For PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control):

Windows XP, Vista or 7
Mac OSX 10.4 or later
Flash Player 10.0 or later
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