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The purpose of this program is to create the HTML text for one or more calendar months spanning a user specified time. The resulting text can be edited to enter events in the monthly calendar templates.
The first and last month/year default to the current month and year. These can be changed using the drop-down lists for the months and typing the four-digit year into the text-boxes. The resulting monthly calendar layouts can then be previewed using the “Preview ” button before clicking the “Save HTML” button which brings up a standard Windows “Save As” dialogue.In standard mode the program allows selection of the English, French or German language via the Language option buttons.The Week Start option buttons allow the left hand column of the HTML calendar to be either Sunday or Monday as the start of the week.The program is usable for any period between 1800 AD to 2200 AD and is year 2000 compliant.









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System Requirements For Martin 039;s HTML Calendar:

Requires an Intel Core i5 3.3GHz or later processor and
8GB RAM (4GB+4GB recommended)
Please note the instructions below to install a DirectX 11 GPU will not work on Windows 7 or Windows XP
Minimum 12GB of available hard drive space
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
Please note it is not possible to play the game if you are using anything other than Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Project settings will override the installed settings if the settings are not on the same path and the [INSERT KEY]