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– Secure Text Viewer & Crypt
– Not only encrypts file but its extension too
– Encrypt text, websites and paste into secure text files
– Decrypt texts as you type & output to files, websites & clipboard
– Supports both encryption & decryption
– Fully portable, no need for Java Runtime Environment
– Secured multiple encryption algorithms
– Split key view & list mode



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ImmediateCrypt With Product Key

ImmediateCrypt is here to save your day!
Keep your communication safe and secure.
Our tool is here to save your day! Encrypt text in Telegram or any other app, in order to share private messages with only the recipient.
ImmediateCrypt Features:
* Quick and easy: encryption and decryption. No installations or special installations are required. A simple click is all that you need to get things done.
* Multi-algorithm encryption: encrypting messages with multiple algorithms including AES-256, PKCS#5 PBE, CBC block chaining and PKCS#5 padding.
* Text pasting: paste encrypted text in any application (Like Telegram, Messenger, etc.) or any OS (Windows, OS X, Linux) where the unencrypted text is present.
* Automatic encryption: When receiving a message, you will be automatically connected to the secure conversation where you can view and decrypt the message.
* Password protected (EFS & PIN): The automatic connection feature is password protected, so only the intended recipient will see your messages. You can set a secret password for this functionality (PIN or EFS).

What’s new:
Updated for Telegram Android version 0.14.0

Tablet PC provides an elegant, unified control for the Windows 8 operating system with a friendly, stylish, and highly functional interface.

New and existing users will appreciate the clean and simple workspace that is Tablet PC interface. For more new functionality and minor changes, see the release notes. For more information on Tablet PC, visit the Tablet PC page.


New in version 6.0:

An option to add existing DVD movies directly to your collection in Xbox Video.

Use of the application requires the device being used to have Windows Update enabled and to be running Windows 8.1 or later. You will receive a notification if the system does not meet these requirements.

Select the Movie you want to watch to reveal the Playback Device button, if there is one. Select the desired one.

Use of the application requires the device being used to have Windows Update enabled and to be running Windows 8.1 or later. You will receive a notification if the system does not meet these requirements.

If you are using multiple displays with Microsoft Edge, there is no built-in functionality to display the apps you are already running or the pinned Windows apps

ImmediateCrypt For PC

ImmediateCrypt is the best utility for instant cross-platform password protection for text messages, social media, docs, rss feeds, etc. With ImmediateCrypt your private messages, files, e-mails, site passwords or any personal documents and other data can be kept secure. ImmediateCrypt is designed as a multi-platform application and available on major OS, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc.Q:

What’s a good site to host a little website for a mid-tier graduate student?

I’m a mid-level computer science graduate student. I’m currently looking for a computer science-related site that I can host a simple little website on, for my academic career. The site should be as simple as possible. I have the budget for a basic hosting account and a low monthly cost. I’ve currently narrowed down my selection to:

Packaged services — ie, wikipedia-like sites available for hosting for free. This has the benefit that I can create anything I need with very little setup, but they have far too many pages, and it’s not enough for my needs.
Free accounts at dedicated servers — This will come with all the options that I need, but are not on the basic website. I’ll have to get some experience setting this up so that it isn’t a hassle.

Are there any other options I’m overlooking? If not, which should I choose and why?


If you’re looking for a static website just hosted on the web, free is always your best bet.
If you have limited funds, you can probably squeak through with a free account with a hosted wiki, like any of the dozens of wiki-hosting companies.
The downside is that you’ll need to keep up with them (you don’t want to run into a problem with your account, and every new update means you’ll have to sign up and learn their system).
If you’re looking to host your own site (rather than just hosting a wiki)
If your website needs to be more dynamic, than there are good options depending on what you want to do.
You can get a free domain and make a static site with django, or you can get a professional web developer to do that for you (or, more realistically, pay for it yourself).
If you want to run your own database
You can host your own database, but you’ll need to learn about SQL and set up your own

What’s New In?

ImmediateCrypt is a lightweight and easy to use application to encrypt and decrypt your text on the fly. With only one required password, it is capable of eliminating the chance of anyone stealing your messages from an insecure area, since no personal data is ever sent unencrypted.
You can use the application to send encrypted text to people you know that might be in locations without reliable Internet connection, keeping their texts safe and secure. The encrypted data is sent as a simple text file, thus removing the hassle of taping and sending them over unreliable Internet lines, and keep your conversations secure at the same time.

Imagine not having to press a bunch of buttons to change app settings or find items, instead being able to use a mouse click or several tap in an effortless operation. With smarts to make things easier, how’s that for magic?
Today’s generation of smartphones makes bringing Android to Windows 8 easier than ever before. This is the case for the LAC; a device capable of importing Google services, syncing information and more. The trick is that you don’t need to be an IT whiz; it doesn’t take much effort at all.
In my case, I simply connected my LAC to a Windows 8 device, launched the LAC app, and connected my Google account to start the Android magic.
Inside the app, you can set permissions, add accounts and adjust what information you want to sync. This is all done from a friendly UI, taking away all of the hassle associated with the process.
For me, it was great using the app and I even found it to be more reliable that what I was used to previously. While it didn’t offer the same use as Android’s Google Play or other Google services, it didn’t need me to input logins, keys, fingerprints or anything like that.
Likely best of all is that because the app has Google’s seal of approval, it carries the same level of trusted security out of the box.
Along with offering quick and easy sync, the

System Requirements:

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10 (64-bit systems only)
Mac OS X (10.8+)
FreeBSD (6.2+)
Linux (not supported)
Required versions (except Linux):
Windows 10
2) If you haven’t already got Steam, then you need to run the installer found here: