Dirk 039;s Accordion Tuner Pro Crack For Windows [Latest]

Dirk’s Accordion Tuner Pro can measure tones and tune accordions and other similar instruments.
This instrument tuner is specifically developed for tuning accordions and similar instruments like the button box. It has unique functions that really simplify and speed up the tuning process. With this tuner it is possible to tune tones with two or three voices produced by two or three reeds. The two or three voices are measured at the same time. This makes it possible to measure these tones without disabling any of the reeds. It is not even necessary to open the case to measure them.
This is ideal to analyze what is wrong with an accordion. It makes it also possible to verify the tuning of an accordion just after tuning it when the case is closed again. The beating of the tones is measured and displayed numerically. This way the beating can be tuned more accurately. With this tuner it is also possible to tune chords (three note chords) and basses (multiple tones in different octaves like C2, C3 and C4) in one go.







Dirk 039;s Accordion Tuner Pro [Latest] 2022

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