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When it comes to scanning documents and images there is a wide array of devices and software utilities that are mean to facilitate these operations for all types of users. Mostly depending on the type of scanner and printer device employed, the applications offer a variety of options that can also rely on the capabilities of the external device.
CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C, for instance, is a tool that can be used only in conjunction with a selected range of Canon scanners and it provides numerous extra functions for an otherwise simple task.
Well organized layout for scanning various papers and photos
The appearance of this program is quite user friendly and the commands are placed conveniently, so that users will have no difficulties in operating the software.
There are two distinct tabs inside the main window, one that hosts the options for setting up the scanner and starting the main operation, while the other area focuses on specific types of scans that can be carried out immediately.
In-depth configurations for accurate and vividly colored scans
When opting for the 'Scan First' method it is possible to customize in greater detail scanner settings such as the color mode, which can be automatic, 24-bit color, grayscale or black and white. Other parameters like page size, orientation, DPI or scanning side selection are also available in the dedicated 'Settings' window.
When opting for the 'Select Scan Job' mode, the user only has to pick one of the available jobs from the list and start the scan with one click. This method also allows the creation of custom jobs or the modification of existing ones.
A friendly companion for those who own DR-2010C scanners
All things considered, this application is very well equipped to cater to the needs of users who have to quickly scan documents or images. The only downside would be the fact that it is compatible with just a couple of devices, so only a limited number of users can benefit from its capabilities.


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CaptureOnTouch For DR-2010C Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code X64

CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C Cracked Version is a competent tool that allows users to capture and scan documents and images
1.Gives users the power of the DR-2010C scanner in the palm of their hands, combining the famous Canon Secure Digital (SD) technology with the convenient and intuitive Scantool.2.Provides easy-to-use and reliable scanning in both portrait and landscape modes.3.Makes the scanning job more fun and exciting.
1.Compatible with Canon DR-2010C only.

CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C for Mac OS X
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CaptureOnTouch For DR-2010C Crack+ With Keygen [Mac/Win]

CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C is a product designed for use with the Canon DR-2010C scanner and it is a very useful program that is easy to navigate and has numerous extra functions that can greatly enhance the everyday operation of such a device. The software is quite user friendly and the options are very organized, so that users will not have to go through any problem when it comes to the operation. It also has an extensive in-depth configuration mode that allows customization of settings, so that users can customize the scanner with great ease.
This software is only compatible with Canon DR-2010C scanners, so those who do not own this type of device will most likely not be able to benefit from it, since it only has an interface that is compatible with Canon scanners. Also note that the program has a nominal price, so those who do not want to spend a penny on it will not be able to use it.
What I like about CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C
CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C is a software program that is extremely useful for those who own Canon DR-2010C scanners. It can greatly enhance the operation of the scanner and make it much more user friendly.
What I don’t like about CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C
There are several issues that can be associated with this software and they include its rather limited compatibility with Canon DR-2010C scanners. Also note that this program does not have a nominal price, so those who cannot afford it are not even given the opportunity to use it.
CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C Final Verdict
Overall, this program is quite well designed for use with Canon DR-2010C scanners and it is a program that can greatly enhance the everyday operation of the device. It has a friendly layout and a in-depth configuration mode that allows users to customize the scanner with ease. The only downside would be the rather limited compatibility with the software.



CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C

CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C is a software program that can greatly enhance the everyday operation of the Canon DR-2010C scanner. It has a simple interface, is very user friendly and has a friendly layout that is neat and organized, as well as an extensive in-depth configuration mode that allows users to customize the scanner with ease. It is a very well designed and useful application, so you should definitely consider buying it.

CaptureOnTouch for DR

CaptureOnTouch For DR-2010C (LifeTime) Activation Code [Latest] 2022

If you have been paying attention to Canon products over the last few years, you probably already know how important simplicity is. CaptureOnTouch (CapOnTouch) for DR-2010C lets you see more and do more with your DR-2010C than ever before.
Here are just a few of the features that you will find in the CaptureOnTouch program for DR-2010C:
• Program select, at a glance and on the fly scanning of bit map, jpg, tif, icf, png, eps, tga, gif, pdf and ps files.
• Distinct and focused job list for easy selection and editing.
• Create your own jobs and save them to the list.
• Drag and drop thumbnail management of scan jobs with up to 10,000 thumbnails.
• Automatically save settings, colors and profile details for up to 1,000 jobs.
• Perfectly fit every screen, including widescreen and small displays.
• Run as a stand-alone application from USB devices and the Web, on a Windows (XP/Vista/7/8), Mac (OSX) and Linux operating system.
CapOnTouch for DR-2010C supports Canon’s IRB-2220B-ID and IRB-2460B-ID flatbed scanners and the DR-2010C portable document feeder, and works with any DR-2010C desktop, workplace, or laptop computer.

• The Installer (included)
• Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8).
• Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard).

This product can only be downloaded as a full version.


• The Installer (included)
• Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8).
• Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard).

This product can only be downloaded as a full version.

Video tutorial:

The installation of this utility is simple, easy and fast. Simply remove the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM from the case and insert it into the USB port of your computer. Once connected, the Installer will automatically start downloading the software, as you can see in the animation below.

About the author:

Brett Edmiston is a lifetime member of the National Association of Directory Publishers and owns the “Brett’s Guide to Technology” blog. He has been

What’s New in the?

CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C is a tool that allows users to create professional output at high quality levels from scanned documents and photos
CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C offers a wide range of options to make the scanning process, from the setup to the formatting, really easy and straightforward. It has a friendly interface, a user-friendly appearance and a few additional properties that will enhance the experience and presentation of the results. CaptureOnTouch for DR-2010C is compatible with Canon DR-2010C scanners and it’s a Microsoft Windows tool
The application comes with three different options, which depend on the selected settings, making it possible to carry out scans only by choosing the correct category. These methods are suitable for scanning photos, text documents, graphics and more, and give users a direct access to all the available options. The first method consists of the “Scan First” choice, where users are free to edit the scanning parameters and create a scan job before beginning the scanning process.
The second method is the “Select Scan Job” choice, which allows one-click scanning jobs, or the selection of custom ones, and is also really suitable for those users who are not familiar with the software.
Another feature is the possibility to create custom jobs, which can be helpful when a user needs to scan just a few documents at a time, or if he has to set up a bulk of settings for the specific jobs that he has.
When it comes to the scanning process, the program comes with 5 basic options, which include the scan type, the orientation and the number of copies.
The advanced features are also available, if the user chooses the “Settings” tab in the toolbar. There, he can choose the scan quality and the color mode, which is selectable between grayscale, 24-bit color and black and white, with the choice of selecting a monochrome, true color, 8-bit grayscale, 48-bit color, 48-bit color with embedded graphics or 65-bit color documents.
The last section of this tab enables users to fine-tune the default settings, such as the type of the paper feeder, the size of the default page, the resolution, the format of the output file, the pixel aspect and the scanning quality.
Important note: All the images and layouts on this page are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced without our written permission.

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