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BayCheck is an application that checks eBay user activity and displays the information in the browser.
BayCheck is free to use and does not require registration.
You can use the information it gives you in three ways:
1. Just browse through the various tabs
2. Download baycheck.pdf and read it in a word processor
3. Email baycheck.pdf to yourself
■ Baycheck has 7 different tabs.
You can click between the tabs to see the information in each.
■ Information is displayed in 3 formats:
• BayCheck -> This is the default view.
• Click on the link below a row in the table to see a detailed view.
• Click on the link at the bottom of the page to see a big chart of the same data.
■ You can sort each tab individually
■ Each tab is also searchable in a text box if you know the name of the user you want to view
■ You can filter search results by:
• Price to sell
• Number of bid/askings
• Number of sales
■ You can download listings displayed to a PDF format
When you click on a user on BayCheck, the eBay site will also display the latest 30 listings that user has entered into the system.
Ebay users accounts are hidden from BayCheck
If you are only checking this user to do business with them, you can send them an email and ask them to send you their eBay ID.
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Another useful feature is the book-club-like discussion board on the website. The group is still small, but it has already hosted some lively discussions about Joshua Glenn’s “A Short Guide to a Happy Life”


BayCheck is an application designed to help you track an eBay user’s activity.
Apart from the common information, some of the data types supported by BayCheck are:
■ Selling History
■ Bidding History
■ Feedback (receiving and giving)
■ Feedback Rating (Receiving and giving)
■ Feedback Rating (Since Last Review)
If you’re interested in knowing more about eBay user’s activity, try BayCheck.

Version 1.0.15
– Small Fix
DlgMsgBox.Visible = True
– Small Fix
– Fixed a problem with a batch file not executing
– Corrected the path to a non-existent DBX file
– Reworked the updating (that is, now you don’t have to restart to apply an update, even though that is how it started out)
– Removed the FREE button as it will no longer be supported
– Updated the instructions and sent to the web site

Version 1.0.14
– Corrected a problem with logging in when you’re using an SSL connection
– Corrected an error message when trying to process a batch file that contains the “system” command (also applies to the previous update)
– Added a copyright to the Batch File (why didn’t it start out with one, I have no idea)
– Added a GUI to the updating procedure (optional)
– Created an uninstaller so that people who want to use the update can do so without having to delete all the files
– Updated the instructions to the web site
– Submitted a password to the web site’s webmaster

Version 1.0.11
– If you’re using SSL, you’ll now get an error message if the authentication fails
– The name of the batch file (logging in) will appear in the GUI
– Debug prints (if any) will appear in the GUI as well as a message box
– Changed the way the updating works so that it does not overwrite the data in the DBX file (in order to do this a change was necessary in the format of the file, and for the amount of space it took up so that it wouldn’t over-write anything)
– Allow the user to update the database manually
– Allow the database to be updated while the program is running
– Added an uninstaller
– Added a copyright
– Created a set of instructions

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This application is freeware, and it’s 100% safe.
The program can be searched from the Windows start menu, and you may even use it to automate the search, and it will work…

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What’s New In?

Free Download Description:
BayCheck was developed for eBay traders who wanted to take a more in-depth look at a particular user. You can view a user’s feedback on the item they sold, you can see how they started out and how they have progressed over time, you can track how they have done in the past, and more.
You can use the information to make better decisions when trading with others, or compare how you are doing in the same products as your friends or competitors.
Top Features:
■ The free version of BayCheck allows a user to see all of the above, and more.
■ Allows you to view a user’s Selling history, Bidding history, Feedback received from other users, and Feedback given to other users
■ Allows you to sort your data in many different ways
■ Features 2 font sizes: 14 and 18
■ Features 4 different file formats:.html,
■ May download a snapshot of a user’s entire eBay history into a text file.
■ May download a snapshot of a user’s entire eBay history into file.
■ Many other features to be released in the future.
Download BayCheck
BayCheck has been updated approximately every 3 months. If your product is yet to be released, please email me to get an update. If my product has already been released and you want to join the list of users that have downloaded it, please email me.
BayCheck will be supported for the life of the product. To get support on my product, email me.
BayCheck is a long term product and receives no support from eBay.
Future Releases:
Future releases of BayCheck will include the following:
* Filtering: You can limit the data that BayCheck outputs, allowing you to simply view a user’s Bidding history, Feedback received, etc, and may even be able to limit the data you view to a particular item.
* Utility: You can download any item’s history into a text file.
* The ability to download a user’s Bidding history, Shipping history, and Feedback history to a text file.
* Options: You can customize the font size, the number of displayed rows, and the way BayCheck sorts and outputs data.
* Export: For those who want to use their BayCheck file to compare a user to their friends or

System Requirements For BayCheck:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: 2GB video card
Storage: 35GB available space
Additional Notes:
Windows 10, 64-bit: The Vulkan API requires 64-bit Windows 10 as a minimum.
Vulkan is implemented as an extension for DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. If Vulkan is installed, it is a requirement to have DirectX 11 or 12 installed. If