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Given the right hardware components, a computer becomes a powerful tool that can greatly help and reduce effort for countless activities. One particular aspect is music making, with simple tools for recording being mandatory. In case the one bundled in Windows doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then Voicecorder might provide a better environment to capture sound.
Can be used on the go
You’re free to launch the application and check out the set of features from the moment it gets downloaded. This also means you can store and use it from a USB flash drive, but you need to make sure the computer you use it on is fitted with .NET Framework. Luckily, portability also keeps the target computer’s health status intact, because registries are not a dependency.
When launched, a small window shows up, with an intuitive set of controls that quickly get you up and running. In addition, there’s a Windows Media Player plugin with which to quickly preview recorded files. You can’t load already existing sound files, but you can play the last one for as long as you like.
Straightforward and easy to use
Hitting the record button initiates the process, and you need to make sure a microphone is connected for proper capture. However, selecting a different recording device from Windows default features also gives you the possibility to record speaker sound.
As soon as you hit the Stop button, a new WAV file is automatically created in the root directory. However, a prompt also shows up with the possibility to save to a new location. Voicerecorder doesn’t come with any other options related to the recording process, nor the output file itself. The only file format you get from the recording session is WAV.
To sum it up
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Voiceredorder is a straightforward application that can be used to record sound on the go, being but a simple alternative to the tool Windows provides. The set of features is rather shallow, but the built-in player, record options, and automatic save make it worth your while.







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A simple and intuitive software for capturing keystrokes.
Screen Shot:
keyMacro screenshot

Whenever a new update on Windows comes around, Microsoft Security Alerts starts popping up, alerting you of the potential vulnerabilities present on your computer. While these alerts are an important reminder of the importance of patching and updating, you can also use them as a guide to determine what security patches you actually need.
Now, all the information is available for download online, and you can even use the Windows patch scanner to quickly scan for security updates and patches that you need to apply. However, getting the information online isn’t always the most convenient. If you want, for example, to know what new updates your computer needs to apply right now, then you need to use the Windows Security Scanner, the tool that provides you with information on security patches that need to be applied on your computer.
This application is part of Windows Defender, and you can get it right from the dashboard. Once it’s installed and activated, you can access it through the Windows Update window. When you’re presented with a list of all available updates, you can click on the “View all updates” link and start the scanning process.
The “Apply Windows updates” section is where you’ll find the security updates that you need to apply on your computer, complete with a description of what the fix is for. The list has columns that include: (1) date and time of application, (2) change number, (3) description, (4) size of the fix, (5) nature of the threat, (6) risk, (7) severity, and (8) recommendation.
If you’d like to keep track of the updates you’ve already applied and check if you’ve missed anything, you can easily keep track of the changes by clicking on the “View updates” link. If you’ve applied all updates, the list will only display the “next time update is available”.
What’s better about the Windows Security Scanner than any other application of its kind is that it provides you with a list of updates that are still pending, meaning you’re missing an important security update. This application also doesn’t allow you to uninstall updates that have already been applied, so you need to figure out what you’ve missed through the security scanner.
If you want

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KEYMACRO is a software application which converts the key strokes that are registered by the keyboard into macro commands. These macros can then be used within a variety of applications.
– Create macros that can be run in the background when you press the keyboard keys that correspond to them.
– You can save macros to be run at a later time or have the program run them automatically.
– Allows you to specify the time delay between key presses and the associated macro command.
– Allows you to specify a pause between different macro commands.
– Allows you to specify a command that should be executed as soon as a keyboard key is pressed.
– Allows you to set the commands that will be executed when you press the left and right windows keys.
– Allows you to specify macros that will be executed by pressing the Tab key.
– Allows you to specify macros that will be executed by pressing the Function keys.
– Allows you to define macros that will be executed by pressing the up and down arrow keys.
– Allows you to select a keyboard key for a specific macro.
– Allows you to set a specific key that will be associated with a macro.
– Allows you to specify a key that will trigger the recording of a macro.
– Allows you to record macros from a keyboard microphone and then save the audio file to your computer.
– Allows you to specify that the macro be executed when you press the specific keys.
– Allows you to save macros to a file.
– Allows you to export the macros to a list or an HTML document.
– Allows you to run macros in the background.
– Allows you to customize the keyboard keys that will trigger the macros.
– Allows you to select the key that will trigger the recording of macros.
– Allows you to select the key that will trigger the execution of macros.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run by pressing the Esc key.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run by pressing the Delete key.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run by pressing the Help key.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run by pressing the Home key.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run by pressing the Tab key.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run by pressing the F1 key.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run by pressing the F2 key.
– Allows you to define macros that will be run

What’s New in the Voicecorder?

The computer sound recorder, or sound capturer software, is a free, portable tool for recording sound on the computer. This is one of the basic tools needed in the music studio. It is used to create voice over or narration or record sound for multitrack recordings. It is also used for creating sound effect, speech, and other basic sound in your computer. It also records sounds from the digital camera and other portable sound devices.

Smartbistro is a web-based application designed to assist users in their daily life. It is able to provide them with all the info they need about the order placement, delivery of the products, as well as many other features.

Delphi Radio is a complete radio control software for car, boat, truck, airplane, helicopter, drones, RC car and all other RC hobby. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use tool that will help you to discover your R/C world!

The Free MP3 Cutter is a powerful and user-friendly application. It can be used to cut audio files to any specified length and to encode MP3 or MP4 files to fit the length. It can work with all kinds of audio files, e.g. wave files, WAV files, FLAC files, AIF files, as well as various other file formats. It has a special feature that allows you to create desired IDs for your MP3 files. You can use all the ID3 tags, including ID3v1, ID3v2 and ID3v2.3. It can also rename the file’s ID3 tags and apply the text tags.

Akonli is a cross-platform client for Shoutcast radio streaming. If you are listening to streaming radio on a website, but the app is not installed on your computer, this is the one you want. The application provides you with the ability to use Shoutcast streaming in an Internet radio station on the go. It supports both Android and iOS, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s worth to mention that Shoutcast is also available in the standard Windows, iOS and Android apps.

TinyTime is an open-source Flash widget for display of the time in various formats. It can be configured via the user interface to display times in different formats, adjust the size of the clock display, or to display analog clock using the right window or the menu. It also provides a tooltip with the current time.

DistroWatch is a free and open-source software distribution tracking site that tracks Linux, BSD, and other open-source OS distributions. The site also compares different distributions in order to help the user choose which distribution to use.

Sxipd is a multi-platform music player. It supports many file formats (including FLAC, O

System Requirements:

One PC with a compatible DirectX 9.0c-compliant video card.
1024×768 resolution display or greater.
DirectX 9.0c or greater for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
50 MB available space for the installation.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 may require the use of DirectX 9.0c for a complete install of the game. Windows 10 does not