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Keymacro is a secure MACRO dialog control for Delphi. Keymacro dialogs can be generated at compile time and displayed with Message Editors using a macro.
The control was originally written for MsgExpress. Later it was used for other softwares:
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NOTICE: Under the terms of the GNU General Public License, this unit may be distributed
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Studio Controls COM Download

The description of the appointment scheduling feature set consists of two components: a user guide with a table of contents and an online help system. The table of contents provides an overview of the appointment scheduling feature set and the online help systems provide basic instructions to use the application. There is also a detailed user guide that provides information about the appointment scheduling feature set.
For the online help system, Studio Controls COM includes a help wizard that guides the user through the appointment scheduling feature set. The help wizard contains a set of links that allow the user to access online help topics that provide information about the appointment scheduling feature set. Online help topics are in the form of a text section that is wrapped in an overview topic, so that the overview topic takes precedence over the online help topic. The overview topic provides information about a help topic that is related to the appointment scheduling feature set.
The online help topic will guide the user through the appointment scheduling feature set using pre-populated links, so that the user can access a specific topic and obtain help from the appropriate source.

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What’s New In?

Studio Controls COM offers various controls and components for both 32 and 64 bit applications, including a registry editor, a clipboard viewer, a File Browser, a Picture Viewer, and a Font Selector. This control suite offers ample opportunities for designers to implement customizable, innovative solutions into their products.


– Easy to use: the very nature of the components and controls offers ease of use to users, which demands little user input from the part of the user.
– Fast to develop: the controls and components are ready to use, thus demanding minimal time and effort for creating a new application.
– Many controls: Studio Controls COM offers a collection of controls, which cover many aspects of presentation, from general views, like grids or tables, through specific views like gauges or meters, as well as inputting or editing data.
– Multilingual: the controls are available in Unicode, which offers the potential for internationalization, thus allowing for localization of the product.


The following sample, available as a standalone application, demonstrates the use of Studio Controls COM, specifically in the context of an appointment scheduling tool.

This sample shows a list of appointments. When the user clicks on an appointment, a pop up dialog is displayed. The appointment is edited in this dialog. If the user clicks on Cancel, the dialog is hidden and the view of the calendar is restored.

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[4] See also RSA 105-B:7 (Supp. 1973), as amended by Laws 1971, 341:1, at pp. 839, 843.
[The use of computer-assisted techniques in the process of decision-making in litigation].
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System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7/8.1
CPU: Core 2 Duo / Athlon 64/Pentium Dual Core, RAM: 1GB (2GB recommended for the best experience)
OS: Vista SP2/7 or Windows 7 SP1/8
Additional Notes:
No Steam or Origin in my case.
Some video cards do not work with this Steam and Origin integration, so if your video card isn’t listed on the dedicated thread for that issue, you won’t be able to use the