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AutoCAD and related AutoCAD LT are the most popular CAD programs for all design industries including Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Automotive, Real Estate, and Interior Design. AutoCAD and related AutoCAD LT are the most popular CAD programs for all design industries including Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Automotive, Real Estate, and Interior Design.

Designers, architects, contractors, and engineers use AutoCAD to create drawings and design mechanical or other physical objects. Many of these drawings are then physically produced, e.g. using a printer.

Another key characteristic of AutoCAD is its extensive feature set. This includes, among many other capabilities, the following functional areas:

⇒ Modeling, including 2D and 3D modeling

⇒ A wide range of drawing tools

⇒ Tools for presenting your design in 3D

⇒ A variety of ways to animate and animate your model

⇒ Export to various file formats and presentation media

⇒ Collaboration and BIM (Building Information Modeling)

⇒ Review/revisions, including diff and merge

⇒ Integrations with a wide range of other applications

⇒ A variety of apps for mobile and web use

Although AutoCAD is primarily a desktop app, there are also AutoCAD LT (a cheap “lite” edition) and AutoCAD WS (a Web-based version of AutoCAD designed for Architects, Engineers, and Construction Professionals) versions of the software. The majority of the cost of AutoCAD is the price of the software, whereas the majority of the cost of the other two editions is the price of the license.

More recent versions of AutoCAD are part of the Autodesk Cloud Suite, which includes AutoCAD 360 cloud apps for mobile and web use, available for free to registered users.

These apps, and all other Autodesk apps, can be found at the Autodesk App Store.

The CAD market has been saturated with software programs for many years.

The three main concepts in the design process are (1) Creation, or the process of modeling or creating, (2) Presentation, or the process of documenting the results, and (3) Review, or the process of presenting the results to someone else and maybe making corrections or additions.

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What’s New In?

Improved integration with DWG Creator for getting feedback from users.

If you are a Mac user or you want to use a Mac, you can now import and incorporate feedback from DWG files. (DWG files are the native format used in AutoCAD, and are also the standard output format for AutoCAD-based CAD programs.)

Help improvements:

Add to table of contents and sidebars in help system.

View the scrollbar in help system.

Add shortcut keys for context-based help.

New ruler, including a quick ruler bar.

Easily show the ruler on the screen.

Create Vector Art:

Create vector art faster with a new Art Preview window.

Draw with easy access to stencils, patterns, and text in the Pen tool.

Better support for more advanced drawing features, including freehand.

Add to the list of possibilities when you create new elements.

Import patterns and textures:

Import and use an image as a pattern in place of a background in a rectangle or a circle.

Create translucent patterns.

Create and use bitmap backgrounds, borders, and frames in an annotative drawing.

Add transparency to annotations.

Use a new cell fill function to automatically fill cells with color and borders.

Use new mask options to keep the view in place when drawing.

Use a new function to convert lines or polylines to an outline mask and to create mask objects from a polyline.

Apply basic formatting to text in a drawing and add new fonts.

Create new style tools from existing ones, including freehand and constraints.

Export AutoCAD files for other CAD programs

The new DWG Exporter converts AutoCAD drawings into DWG files. These files can be used in other DWG-compatible CAD programs and integrated into AutoCAD using Inventor.

AutoCAD 2023 includes the new Dynamic Output in the command line. Dynamic Output can be found in the Processes tab of the Options dialog box. Dynamic Output is not supported in AutoCAD LT.

Get help on any drawing with the new Help window.

Create new objects and view them using a new Object Browser window.

Use the new annotation bar to place and edit annotations.

Save the active view when saving the drawing and export the file as a PDF.

System Requirements:

Intel Pentium 4 (2.8GHz) or better
500GB or more of hard disk space
Windows 10 or higher, 64-bit compatible
256 MB ATI Radeon HD 4350 or better
Broadband Internet access
root/Administrator access (if required)
Operating System:
Android 7.0 or higher (Nougat), Android SDK (Google developer console)