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The name AutoCAD stands for “Automatic Computer-Aided Design.” Other CAD software in existence is computer-aided design-type software for architects, which typically uses the style of drawing used by architects for building documents called orthographic drawings, which usually only show a building’s outlines and basic measurements and angles. In contrast, AutoCAD is a 3D modeler software application, meaning that it automatically creates full-featured 3D drawings with the most up-to-date 3D geometry and full-featured 3D modeling tools.

Aside from a type of 3D modeler, AutoCAD is also known as a 2D CAD (2D computer-aided design) software program because it can be used to produce 2D drawings as well as 2D images of 3D models. However, AutoCAD is only a 2D CAD program; it is not a 3D CAD (3D computer-aided design) program. Although it can produce and edit 2D images of 3D objects, its true capabilities are limited to 2D drawings. As such, AutoCAD users typically create 2D drawings for a 3D model, then convert the 2D drawings into 2D images and delete all 3D geometry from the original 3D model.

To convert an existing 3D model into a 2D image, users need to open the 3D model in AutoCAD and create a new, blank, 2D image. Then the user needs to save the 2D image as a.DWG file. The.DWG file is a plain text file that can be easily converted into a.PDF file, which can be easily printed. Because.DWG files are plain text files, it is very easy to edit the content of the.DWG file. Users can even make changes in the.DWG file and then save it back as a new.DWG file or convert the changes back into a 3D model and save the 3D model.

Every AutoCAD drawing has two files associated with it: an.DWG file, which is an external file that AutoCAD creates, and a.DWG View file, which contains the information about the external drawing file in it. The.DWG View file stores the entire drawing in a single, internal, XML file. This internal file stores everything in XML format. A drawing is a collection of objects, which is stored in the internal XML file.

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack


Starting with AutoCAD 2022 Crack 2010, AutoCAD is fully integrated into the Windows operating system. To bring AutoCAD to Windows, AutoCAD 2D and 3D (2008 and newer) are installed in Program Files. An additional optional third-party product, AutoCAD Architecture, is installed in Program Files/AutoCAD Architecture.

AutoCAD 2010 will not install onto Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows Server 2008.

AutoCAD LT 2010 and AutoCAD LT 2008 are native Windows applications which can be installed in the Windows Start menu (or in the Program menu).

Other operating systems
As with Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks and other applications, it is also possible to run AutoCAD on other operating systems. Additionally, cross-platform support has been added to the 2009 release of AutoCAD.

The installer requires at least Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Vista. AutoCAD 2008 has support for the following operating systems:
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 10

Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft Windows NT 5.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003

AutoCAD LT for Linux (starting from version 11) will be available on RPM and AUR Linux repositories.

In 2011 AutoCAD R14 for Android was released. In 2012 version 11, 12 and 13 followed.

AutoCAD LT can run on Android 3.2 or higher, with a minimum screen size of 7 inches. The Android SDK is bundled with the AutoCAD LT tools.

In 2018, AutoCAD LT for Android was made available for the version 2020 release of AutoCAD LT. This version has additional features such as Material Library, workgroup tools and Dimension Style Editor.

Windows Mobile devices also support AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD LT for Windows 10 Mobile, Android 10, iOS 11 and Microsoft HoloLens 2 are also available.

Unix and macOS
AutoCAD LT for Unix/Linux and macOS has the same installation location as the Windows version, in the program’s /opt directory. AutoCAD LT is a free software application.


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What’s New In?

Added a quick and easy design feedback method using the new Markup Import tool. Simply import paper or PDF files to your drawing and you can apply feedback just like you do for other documents. (video: 2:50 min.)

Previewing alternate colors and blends:

You can now preview alternate color shades, grays, and blends in the ribbon palette. Just change the view to show alternate colors and you can quickly preview any changes in the current color set.

Improved Watermark tool:

You can now easily choose colors, fonts, and backgrounds for your Watermark tool’s settings. You can also specify different colors in the watermark appearance palette to create a unique effect.

Better alignment of geometrical lines:

You can now quickly and easily snap to lines, circles, and other geometrical objects to quickly align a line, circle, or polyline to specific points on a line, circle, or polyline. Also, a new snapping feature lets you snap to specific points on shapes to align those points.

Improved insertion of 3D models:

You can now insert a 3D model as an exploded view into your drawing by using the Insert tool, or by first choosing Insert 3D from the right-click menu. You can also duplicate a 3D model and place it on an existing shape or solid in your drawing. This feature makes it easier to insert a 3D model from a separate drawing into your current drawing.

Automatic deletion of unnecessary model elements:

If you model an element that is only used for layout or when viewing a 3D model, the Autodesk® Design Review (DR) Inspector recognizes and deletes this model element.

Optimized tracing performance:

Optimized the trace command so it runs faster.

Better support for Windows 10:

With the Windows 10 update, the Autodesk® Design Review (DR) Inspector now supports Office programs. You can now use the File > Open drawing command to open Office files directly in Design Review.

Improved detection of insert command line:

With the Windows 10 update, the Autodesk® Design Review (DR) Inspector will detect if an insert command was used to quickly insert a 3D model, and will automatically expand the 3D model to an exploded view.

Better working with drawings and 3D models:

You can now attach a 3D model to a shape or line,

System Requirements:

Supported graphics cards: Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD R9-390X
Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Redstone 1
Minimum 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
Java 8 or later
Dota 2 available on Steam
Any Microsoft DirectX-compatible device
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