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Before the Internet, AutoCAD was available via floppy disks and networking was done using punch cards. AutoCAD was originally available only on PCs with hard drive storage, but a later version supported floppy disk drives. An online version of AutoCAD was introduced in 1996. The first version of AutoCAD to support networked access was AutoCAD 2004. AutoCAD 2009 and subsequent versions support networked access. AutoCAD for Mobile is available as an iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry app.

AutoCAD was used to create every $22 billion of the world’s GDP in 2012. Today, it’s the leading software used for commercial 3D modeling and drafting.

AutoCAD is a drafting and design software application for creating 2D and 3D drawings. It was originally released in 1982 by the company Autodesk. It is the market leader in the field of CAD and architectural drafting, with over eight million users in over 110 countries.[1] Today, the latest version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2015, released in 2014.

In 2017, another AutoCAD competitor, LibreCAD, was introduced. The software is free, open source, and non-proprietary, whereas Autodesk’s AutoCAD suite is a commercial application, with a subscription required to use certain features.

AutoCAD is one of Autodesk’s most popular products. With over 40 versions and 20 revisions of the software since 1982, AutoCAD has always tried to keep up with industry standards, but its major release cycles have been spaced several years apart and usually have only small incremental improvements.



AutoCAD was originally released in December 1982. It was the first application of its kind for personal computers. Although small in size, it could perform many functions a typical plotter could, including plotting, cutting, and scanning. It was sold with the Autodesk FileSystem that provided more storage space than the standard storage size of five megabytes.

AutoCAD was originally developed to plot industrial computer-aided design (CAD) documents. Such documents included 2D and 3D models of a product. Because of the relatively slow speed of its microprocessor, the company focused on development of faster machines.

AutoCAD was initially developed for the “Precision” architecture for the Apple II. The first 16K prototype was created in

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X and Y dimensioned drawings
Xrefs to external data files (such as CAD files)
Data Management (automated, extended or custom databasing)

Graphical user interfaces

AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version 2017

AutoCAD Cracked Version 2017 is the second major release of AutoCAD Free Download. It supports 2D, 3D, sketch, freehand drawing, and the OpenDraw format. It is based on the new AutoCAD Architecture. The new architecture features a more efficient, integrated user interface and product structure. The user interface of AutoCAD now conforms to the iOS/Android device design specifications. The last available version of AutoCAD was AutoCAD LT 2009 SP2.

The following features were added in AutoCAD 2017:


AutoCAD 2017 introduced a new workflow for creating models called the Model Reference Manager. This workflow replaces the previous version, the Component Selection Tool. This is a new approach to modifying models. Modelers were previously required to view a 3D model by rotating it and then click in a specific location in the 3D viewport to change the visibility of a component. Now, models can be edited without need to view the model through the 3D viewport. Instead, the user can select a specific location on the model surface and AutoCAD will move the cursor directly there in the 2D viewport and show the component(s) selected there. The previous approach for creating and editing models is still available.

It also features more efficient model management and a new 2D viewport.

There are a number of new features and tools for preparing models, as well as releasing them.

New tools and features include:

Modeling Framework

AutoCAD 2017 introduced a new modeling framework. The idea behind this is that the framework will allow a designer to develop a model in a way that resembles building a model. The framework is made up of the following components:




Ribbon is a toolbox for building a model that contains components to be used in other parts of the model. There are three types of ribbons:

System ribbon

These ribbons contain system level and AutoCAD product level elements. Examples include the Geometric Alignment ribbon that contains alignment and geometric adjustment tools, the Text ribbon that contains text functionality, and the Alignment ribbon that contains geometric alignment

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Workflows have been enhanced and can be further automated. Create markup workflows in Visual Studio Code to enable you to type markups on the fly and have those markups applied to the current drawing (e.g., markups are stored in the cloud).

User and feature requests were put in the backlog of the next AutoCAD release.

There is a new feature in AutoCAD 2020 called “AutoCAD Power Query” to create interactive reports in Excel and Power BI from a table of data stored in AutoCAD.

New customization options are available to fine-tune the user interface.

New Actionable Designs tool to customize the user interface in drawings.

The new “Find & Replace” feature makes it easier to find and replace specific items in drawings (e.g., single lines, arcs, and circles).

More custom tools can be created with the new Python-based UI script editing system.

Cross-Platform Capabilities:

Cross-Platform User interface: The new Windows and Linux user interfaces will be available for multiple OS platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, and Linux).

The new Windows and Linux user interfaces will be available for multiple OS platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, and Linux). Modular User Interface: The new modular user interface allows the main user interface to be updated with new features as they are added.

The new modular user interface allows the main user interface to be updated with new features as they are added. Native Cross-Platform Execution: AutoCAD code and executables can now be compiled with the Microsoft Visual Studio toolchain and executed on multiple OS platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, and Linux).

The new native cross-platform execution enables you to run AutoCAD code and executables on multiple OS platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Web and Mobile Apps:

Additional analysis and presentation capabilities are now available in the new web and mobile apps. (video: 4:27 min.)

The cloud-based enterprise interface web and mobile apps are now available.

Web based Interface: The new web-based interface allows users to start and stop AutoCAD sessions on the web and edit drawings online.

The new web-based interface allows users to start and stop AutoCAD sessions on the web and edit drawings online. Mobile App: The new mobile app allows you to save

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

1. SSD
If you have a mechanical hard drive (HDD) then this is a no-brainer.
Every tutorial will tell you to use an SSD so that your computer will boot faster.
Most modern SSDs use PCIe (PCI Express) as their technology, which is much faster than SATA (Serial ATA).
Another option is to use an NVME SSD (Non-Volatile Memory Express).
But this is getting a bit of a tangent.
You can save money by using a standard HDD, but it